A CONTROVERSIAL North East pub boss has defended a "brutal" job advert after telling potential new starters to avoid coming in "stinking" of urine, drink and bad breath.

Craig Harker's job advert for positions at a number of George Pub and Grills across Teesside has gone viral for its no-nonsense and borderline offensive approach.

Mr Harker, who has made headlines for blisteringly blunt job adverts before - and faced backlash for a "would you punch your ex" advert, posted the ad on Facebook.

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In it, Mr Harker says that as he is expanding his teams across Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Darlington he is requiring a number of new members.

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He then launches into his ad and says: "Have you worked in a kitchen? Are you a chef or cook? Are you a quick learner and not one for these that need showing again and again and again and still get it f**King wrong lol we need people who can hit the ground running.

"Don't know how much time we've wasted on the wrong people so please only apply if you have the work ethic to succeed."

That is not before he then addresses the type of worker he would like, suggesting those coming into work and smelling of urine, alcohol or bad breath do not apply.

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"Chefs are a dying breed at the minute due to leaving the industry but I'll personally put the time and effort in to train the right people but you must be smart, presentable and not come in absolutely stinking of drink or p*ss after a night out.


"It doesn't take much to wash and look after your presentation, I'll even throw in a tooth brush and a George chefs jacket.

"If you need a mint before the interview then there's a shop next door. If you feel your pitts are a little fruity then nip and buy some deodorant quickly before the interview."

He adds that the industry "takes away your weekends" while jokingly suggesting applicants will "lose" their social life, before saying they will be working with an "awesome boss."

"If you're still interested after hearing the above then drop me a DM and apply for any of the below positions.

"If you fancy working for an awesome boss then come and have a chat with me. Plus free cake Sundays lol. 50 percent off when at work and 25 percent when not at work. Bosh," he adds.

However, not everyone took too kindly to Mr Harker's latest job advert, prompting him to defend himself using the same platform on Tuesday afternoon.

'If you've got nothing nice, don't say it'

In a Facebook Live, he claimed that the job advert was honest and said: "Somebody said about the interview process that I put on, but you know, I think I was spot on - I was honest, I basically said turn up to that interview smart and dress to impress.

"It's not much to ask for, I worded it in a way that relates to most people, so if they can't cope with that - you pack of snowflakes on there - don't apply for the job, that's fine.

"If you haven't got a job, go and apply for another job - if you have got a job, keep your nose out of my business or if you've got nothing nice, don't say it."

Mr Harker then goes on to defend the practices and processes of his business, while saying people should be "proud and buzzing" to have employed people across the region.

Mr Harker has drummed up controversy before after a Facebook post asked: “would you punch your ex in the face for a parmo?” 

The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the message “trivialised and encouraged domestic violence” – as it was condemned by chiefs domestic abuse charity Harbour. 

Mar Harker also hit the headlines after obesity campaigners slammed the pub for offering free food to anybody weighing over 25 stone.


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