A MAP of rising sea-levels shows that the majority of Teesside and parts of Tyne and Wear could be underwater by 2030.

This comes after the UK hosted COP26 - the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow last Friday.

The map created by Climate Central, a non-profit organisation which reports latest climate news, shows that most of Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Redcar could be underwater in less than 10 years.

Matthew Snedker, Green Councillor for the Darlington College Ward, said: "I've been involved with trying to alert government and people to the real threat of climate change for the last 20 years and also trying to get across the message about the really good news of actually tackling climate change will lead to a better quality of life and good jobs.

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"There's the real worry that politicians and businesses are ignoring the threat but also telling people about the good news if we do take action it will lead to warmer homes and cleaner air and better jobs."

The map says a water level of 10 meters above the high tide line could be reached through combinations of sea level rise, tides, and storm surges.

Mr Snedker said: "That sea level rise map is updated when the data changes, and it shows that the Tees Valley - not Darlington to be honest, we're pretty safe in Darlington from sea level rise. But you look at Teesport you look at the Freeport all that kind of thing, the chemical industry that's part of the problem is going to be under water, and we can't afford to keep the sea back.

"The other thing I do as part of my job is I sit on the North East Coastal Erosion and Flood group, obviously I can't speak for the group as an individual but I do attend meetings regularly through the year seeing the cost of protecting homes and businesses from flooding and also the risks of continued climate change."

The Northern Echo: Red areas show where could be underwater in less than 10 years in TeessideRed areas show where could be underwater in less than 10 years in Teesside

The red areas on the map above show where in Teesside could be under water in less than 10 years.

It appears the River Tees would burst its banks and rising sea levels would surge into Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Redcar and areas of Stockton.

Mr Snedker said: "One thing I'd say about Darlington - we're not going to be flooded by sea level rise but we are going to be affected by the other parts of climate change to do with flooding.

"And those two are surface run-off, so that could be rivers bursting their banks or water coming onto roads and the other thing is the rainfall it isn't as spread out as it used to be. We're getting these bigger more sudden rain storms and the sewage system and the drains in the roads just aren't built to handle that."

The Northern Echo: The red areas on the map show the areas in Tyne and Wear which could be under water in less than 10 yearsThe red areas on the map show the areas in Tyne and Wear which could be under water in less than 10 years

The red areas of the map above show where in Tyne and Wear could be under water by 2030.

Large parts of Gateshead, South Shields, Jarrow and Chester-le-Street could be under water due to the river's Tyne and Wear bursting their banks and sea levels rising in Whitburn.

Both maps show the water level of 10 meters above the high tide line.

To view the map click here.

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