“WHEN my grandfather unveiled the memorial in 1928, he said there were some names missing from it – he’d been in the 5th Durham Light Infantry, and they’d been decimated and there were some names that he knew weren’t on there,” says Paul Stephenson.

The Northern Echo:

His grandfather, Sgt Joseph Stephenson (above, with his wife, Hannah), had been drawn by lot on November 11, 1928, to pull the cord which unveiled the obelisk outside the memorial hall of the new hospital through which Darlington was ambitiously trying to remember the town’s war dead.

It was such an ambitious task that the hospital didn’t open until 1933.

However, the memorial hall was completed five years earlier, with the names of more than 700 men who lost their lives carved on its walls.

Even back then, there were doubts that every man who should have been remembered had been included.

“In 2013, I was at the memorial with friends who couldn’t understand why their relatives weren’t on there,” says Paul. “They were really saddened by it, so I began to investigate.”

Using a number of genealogical sources, plus the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s website, plus Darlington library, plus censuses, and, of course, The Northern Echo’s own searchable First World War database, he came up with the names of nearly 1,000 men with a Darlington connection who could have been included.

This may sound like a lot, but on the Echo’s website, thenortheastatwar.co.uk, there is a brilliant database compiled by historian Stephen Nicholson, which has more than 1,200 names.

Paul’s criteria were strict: the man had either to be born in Darlington or to have lived the bulk of his life in the town before he could be included on the memorial.

The criteria in the 1920s were similar, although rather haphazardly applied, which has created anomalies and omissions. If there was no one to speak up for a dead man, he might be omitted. One brother might be included while another one was left off.

The Northern Echo:

The walls of the memorial hall at the hospital are lined with the names of the fallen - but some are missing

So after nearly a decade of research, Paul has come up with 155 names which he is convinced have such unimpeachable connections to the town they should be permanently memorialised at the Memorial Hospital. As it is highly unlikely that we will be able to convince the authorities to build a new wing in which to carve their names, we thought, on the 100th anniversary of Britain’s adoption of the poppy, it appropriate to publish them in this special supplement.

There are some amazing stories behind these names. There’s Richardson, the Yarm Road workhouse orphan who fought under his adopted name of Weakner; there are the Degnan brothers of Bowes Street who died on the same “quiet” day near Ypres, or the Dent brothers of Rise Carr who died within four days of each other; there is a captain from the Durham Light Infantry, there are young teenagers who died in the Merchant Navy and there’s a 50-year-old who died in the Labour Corps.

Then there’s the truly awful: one man took his own life in a London hospital, presumably suffering from shellshock.

And then there’s the deeply intriguing: Frederick Moncaster, who seems to have been born in the Bank Top area where he lived most of his life, but when he died on a Nigerian Marine vessel – it was sunk by a U-boat off Ireland – he was commemorated among the war dead in Lagos in Nigeria but not in his native Darlington. Is he the town’s first black hero?

If you can tell us about any of these men, we’d love to here from you, but first, let’s make sure they are not forgotten…

The Northern Echo: A very early picture of Darlington Memorial Hospital in the 1920s

A very early picture of the hospital in the late 1920s

Abel, Thomas Wilkinson, 24
Queens Hussars, died August 13, 1914. Lived: Beaumont Street

Adamson, William Blenkiron, 24
Royal Navy: HMS Victory II, d Mar 15, 1918. Wales Street
HMS Victory II was a training establishment at Crystal Palace. He was an iron turner and is on the Stivvies memorial

Alderson, James, 23
22DLI, d June 19, 1918
Born Barnard Castle, but in 1911 was in an orphanage in Milbank Road. Died of pneumonia in Italy

Allan, John, 28
Northumberland Fusiliers, d April 4, 1918. Gladstone Street

Angus, Walter, 29
14DLI, d Sept 25, 1917. Dickinson Street
Died near Bethune. Worked as a steel dresser

The Northern Echo:

Appleby, Edward Percival, 31
D Aug 19, 1916. Bedford Street
Served in 1914 but was discharged due to ill health, and died of TB. A railway engine fitter

Atkinson, William, 34
Duke of Wellington Regiment, d May 3, 1917. Walton Street
Died near Arras. A ladies’ tailor, he was married to Alice and had two daughters

Bailey, Albert, 25
Royal Naval Air Service, d Mar 30, 1918
Born Derby, but lived in Darlington from 1901. Died in a naval hospital and is buried in West Cemetery

Bailey, William Thomas, 27
Seaforth Highlanders, d Apr 22, 1916. Boyne Street

Banks, Robert Robson, 47
Canadian Infantry, d Nov 4, 1915
A printer, he emigrated from Cockerton about 1910. He died near Ypres and his name was added to his parents’ headstone in West Cemetery

Basnett, Henry, 32,
Non Combatant Corps, d Sept 3, 1917. Spring Street, Rise Carr
A conscientious objector, he was a railway rivetter who died while swimming near Berwick

Baxter, James Patrick, 29
Royal Engineers, d Apr 25, 1917. Princes Square
Died in Newark and buried in West Cemetery, married to Edith of Stanhope

Beldon, John, 27
Royal Field Artillery, d Aug 15, 1917. Grey Street

Best, Norman Victor, 21
Royal Scots, d Nov 21, 1918. Lawrence Street
A clerk who joined a cyclist battalion. Buried near Archangel, Russia

Bishop, Arthur, 29
Royal Dublin Fusiliers, d Oct 13, 1919. Wolsingham Terrace
A joiner, he died in Darlington

The Northern Echo:

Bloomer, Herbert, 34
King’s Royal Rifles, d Jul 27, 1916. Cumberland Street
A waiter at the King’s Head Hotel, he died near Arras leaving his wife, Theresa, and two children

Brass, George Alexander, 39
Yorks Reg, d Jul 8, 1916. Sheraton Street

Brown, Albert, 20
E Yorks Reg, d May 3, 1917. China Street

Brown, Ernest, 19,
Yorks Reg, d Sept 28, 1917. Boyne Street
Worked at Rise Carr Rolling Mills, died near Ypres

Brunskill, Norman, 20
Yorks Reg, d Apr 24, 1918. Japan Street
A “joiner’s learner” at North Road Shops, died near Ypres

Campbell, John, 30
14DLI, d Apr 21, 1917/ Albert Street

Clark, William, 27
15DLI, d Sept 16, 1916. Wilson Street

Colling, William Richmond, 49
Northumberland Fusiliers, d Jul 13, 1915. Freemans Place
Married in Darlington in 1886

The Northern Echo:

Cornick, Walter Edward, 20
2DLI, d Nov 12, 1915. Wooler Street
Died Ypres

Craggs, Robert, 25
Northumberland Fus., d Apr 8, 1915. Hazel Avenue
A boilersmith’s labourer

Davies, Thomas William, 23
King’s Hussars, d Oct 5, 1918. Brighton Road
A NER fireman, he was killed at Kara Bulak and is buried in Tehran in Iran

The Northern Echo:

Degnan, Lawrence, 21
Northumberland Fus, d May 5, 1915. Park Place

Degnan, Michael, 20
West Riding Reg, d May 5, 1915. Bowes Street
He and his brother (above) died on the same day – described as dry, warm and quiet in Lawrence’s regimental diary – near Ypres. Both worked at Peases’ Mill

The Northern Echo:

Dent, Henderson, 36
15DLI, d Jan 27, 1916. Zetland Street

Dent, Joseph, 32
15DLI, d Jan 23, 1916. Zetland Street
The brothers died within four days of each other in northern France - as the article above says "Henderson did not know that his brother was in the firing line until he sawe him lying dead, killed by a bursting shell". Henderson was a baker in Barney, Joseph an iron moulder at Rise Carr

Dixon, Arthur, 19
2DLI, d Apr 19, 1917. Sedgewick Street

The Northern Echo:

Dixon, Fred, 34
Northumberland Fus, d Jan 14, 1916. Lambton Str
Born in Stockton, but was a woodworking machinist in Darlington. Died near Ypres

Dobson, Robert William, 23
Queen’s Own, d Nov 13, 1918. Lewes Road
Died of pneumonia near Rouen. A fireman in Bank Top sheds

The Northern Echo:

Downs, Thomas William, 32
London Reg, d Apr 19, 1917. Havelock Str
A wood joiner, he died in Gaza in the Middle East

Dunbar, Francis, 20
Lancashire Fus, d Oct 9, 1917. Victoria Str

Earl, Alfred Ernest, 37
15DLI, d May 27, 1918. Albert Road

Earles, John James, 27
DLI, d May 24, 1915. Edward Str
An NER labourer, he lived in Coxhoe and died near Ypres

Featham, John Robert, 43
Labour Corps, d Jan 8, 1919. Aldam Str
Died at home, married with one son

Firth, Frederick George, 33
Northumberland Fus, d Sept 25, 1915. Gurney Str
A locomotive fitter

Foster, Frederick, 21
Northumberland Fus, d Mar 1, 1915. Skerne Place

Foster, John Henry, 21
Royal Navy, d Jun 4, 1915. Harcourt Street
Worked at the Maypole dairy in North Road, but was an able seaman who died in Gallipoli

Foster, Thomas William, 25
DLI, d Dec 31, 1914. Harcourt Street
Brother of the above, he died at home, having worked at Stivvies

Forster, Lancelot, 23
Northumberland Fus, d Apr 18, 1918. Pensbury Street
A lithographer with Dodds printers in Tubwell Row. Died Ypres

Fothergill, John Stewart, 26,
New Zealand Rifles, d Jul 19, 1916. Stanhope Rd
His father was a doctor at Raydaleside in Stanhope Rd, but he emigrated to NZ and farmed at Timaru. He died in northern France

Fowler, Sydney, 19
DLI, d Oct 27, 1916. Westbrook Villas

Franklin, Frederick, 37
DLI, d Mar 26, 1915. Adelaide Str
A labourer at North Road Shops, he died in Newcastle before he could reach the front

Gales, Charles, 44
3DLI, d Jan 3, 1916. Tubwell Row
A railway worker, he died of acute endocartis at South Shields

Gallagher, James Dennis, 18
West Riding Reg, d Oct 11, 1918. Park Street

Gargett, George William, 32
Royal Navy, d Jul 9, 1917. Rocket Street

The Northern Echo:

Goldsbrough, Frederick, 21
Royal Artillery, d Oct 13, 1915. Devonshire Terrace
A fettler at Darlington Forge, he died at the Battle of Loos

Hall, David, 39
14DLI, d Apr 20, 1917. Sheraton Str

Hall, Thomas, 38
Northumberland Fus, d Mar 27, 1918. Polam Avenue
Born Richmond, but worked as a bank clerk in Darlington and died near Amiens

Hall, William Alfred, 26
5DLI, d Mar 23, 1916. Oxford Str

The Northern Echo:

Hannan, John Roland, (above) 22
DLI, d May 21, 1915. Swan Street

Hardy, Frederick, 23
Black Watch, d Jan 16, 1916
Grew up in Jubilee Cottages opposite the Broken Scar waterworks, and worked in service at Baydales in Blackwell. Died near Baghdad

Harrison, Henry Francis, 28
Royal Scotts, d Jul 25, 1918
Born in Middlesbrough, lived Trafalgar Terrace in Darlington, he was an accountant with Gainford connections, who died near Rheims

Harrison, Lawrence, 27
DLI, d Apr 25, 1915. Cumberland Str
An iron moulder at Whessoe, he died near Ypres

Harrison, William Thomas, 43
Royal Engineers, d Oct 28, 1918
Born in Darlington, but when he married, he lived in Newcastle where he was a chemist’s errand boy

Haw, John, 24
Lincs Reg, d Sept 14, 1914. Nestfield Str

Haw, Thomas, 20
East Kent Reg, d Sept 28, 1915. Killinghall Str

Hayton, Alfred, 38
Medical Corps, d Jun 1, 1918. Westmoreland Str
Lived in Bradford and Preston and died near Ypres

Henderson, John Easton, 33
Northumberland Fus, d Apr 26, 1918. Southend Avenue

Hodgson, Joseph, 21
Yorks Reg, d May 5, 1918. Beaumont Street
Born at Gilling West, he worked as a “skimming metal labourer” at North Road, and died near Bethune

Hopperton, Thomas Whitwell, 45
Service Corps, d Oct 20, 1917. Craig Street

The Northern Echo:

Hughes, James, 37
2DLI, d Aug 9, 1915. Park Str
Born in Richmond, he was a builder with MacKenzie Bros and died at Hooge near Ypres

Hunter, Harry Wilfred, 24
DLI, d Jan 29, 1917. Wycombe Str
A foundry correspondence clerk, he died near Albert in northern France

The Northern Echo:

Hutchinson, Edward, 37
6DLI, d Feb 5, 1916
From Cockerton, he was a “blacksmith’s forge hammer driver” at Shildon Wagon Works. He was injured on the western front, died at home in Shildon and is buried in West Cemetery

The Northern Echo:

I’Anson, Leonard Thomas, 20
West Yorks Reg, d Sept 27, 1915. King William Str
A railway timekeeper, he died at Loos

Iceton, James Harold Vincent, 33
Canadian Infantry, d Apr 19, 1917
Grew up in Eastbourne area of Darlington but emigrated to Canada in 1913

The Northern Echo:

Imeson, John Thomas, 22
King’s Own Scots Borderers, d Jul 19, 1915. Edward Str
He deserted from the Army in 1911, but rejoined and died on the Greek island of Lemnos. He is buried in Malta

Jackson, George Henry, 36
East Yorks Reg, d Jun 14, 1916. Barron Str
Furnaceman at the Rolling Mills, married with one son, died at Battle of the Somme

The Northern Echo:

Jackson, Percival, 20
West Yorks Reg, d Mar 4, 1915
Born in Darlington, from the age of seven he was in the Yarm Road workhouse. He then became “boots” at the Imperial Hotel – presumably a shoe shine boy – before joining up and dying at Ploegsteert, Belgium. His body was never recovered

Jefferson, John, 25
West Yorks Reg, d Jun 1, 1916
Born in Darlington, grew up in Alfred Street, but moved to Colchester

Jennings, Charles Albert Augustus, 28
Royal Garrison Artillery, d Dec 14, 1916
He grew up in Clay Row but got married in Sedgefield

Johnson, Albert, 31
12DLI, d Jan 12, 1918. Albert Road
Buried in Middlesbrough cemetery

Johnson, Wilfred, 20
Service Corps, d Jun 22, 1917. St George’s Square
A bobbin carrier at Peases’ Mill, he died in hospital in Salonika, Greece, of  septicemia

Johnson, William, 25
DLI, d Sept 15, 1916. Chapel Street
A railway carriage oiler, he died on the Somme

Jubb, Nathan, 28
5DLI, d Sept 26, 1916. Cleveland Street
A blacksmith’s striker at Darlington Forge, he died on the Somme

Kelly, Peter, 30
Royal Garrison Artillery, d Nov 23, 1917. Brunswick Street

Kemp, Joseph Alfred, 21
West Yorks Reg, d Oct 10, 1918. Trafalgar Terrace
He was a bobbin setter at Peases’ Mill. The death of his brother, John, is recorded on the war memorial. Father of one

Kirton, Robert Henry, 20
Loyal North Lancs, d Nov 22, 1917. Church Street
A bobbin setter, died at Passchendaele

The Northern Echo:

Lambert, Arthur Henry, 22
2DLI, d Aug 9, 1915. Silver Street
A Cleveland Bridge labourer who died near Ypres. His older brother, Sydney, is recorded on the memorial, as is another Arthur Lambert, only he was 32 and from Mowden Terrace

Langhorn, Sidney William, 20
5DLI, d Aug 7, 1916. Pease Street
A Post Office telegraph messenger

Madden, Charles Vincent, 20
King’s Royal Rifles, d Sept 25, 1915. Brook Terrace
A railway boiler mounter

Marshall, Thomas Edmund, 32
19DLI, d May 5, 1917. Park Place
An assistant in a tobacco shop and husband of Florence

McCully, Christopher, 23
Royal Engineers, d Nov 30, 1917. John Street
A joiner at the North of England School Furnishing Company, he died at Ypres

The Northern Echo:

McGuirl, James, 42
Royal Garrison Artillery, d Apr 26, 1918. Grey Street
A railway wagonmaker who died near Ypres

McKenzie, James Edward, 22
Dragoon Guards, d Nov 2, 1915. Peel Street

McLoughry, Roland, 20
Royal Field Artillery, d Apr 10, 1918. King Street

McSweeney, John, 35
2DLI, d Sept 21, 1914. Grey Street

Metcalfe, George Ernest, 29
Linc Reg, d Nov 1, 1914. North Road

Metcalfe, Walter, 18
DLI, d Apr 13, 1918. Dickenson Str

Middleton, Benjamin, 28
Merchant Navy, d Feb 23, 1917. Thornton Str
A locomotive fitter at Stivvies, he was on the SS Trojan Prince when it was sunk by a U-boat off Algeria

Miller, Harry, 29
Northumberland Fus, d Oct 15, 1917. Dundee Street

Moncaster, Frederick Allison, 38
Merchant Navy, d Apr 24, 1917
Born in Darlington in 1879, aged two, he was living in School House, St John’s Terrace, and in 1891 and 1911, he was in Pattison Street. He was a foreman boilerman with the Nigerian Marine on SS Abosso when it was sunk by a U-boat off Ireland; 110 crew and passengers died, nearly 200 were rescued. He is commemorated on a memorial in Lagos, Nigeria

Munroe, Walter, 21
Yorks Reg, d Apr 23, 1917. Bridge Terrace
An apprentice moulder

Murphy, Hugh, 20
Yorks Hussars, d Jul 7, 1916. Howard Street

The Northern Echo:

Murphy, John, 32
2DLI, d Apr 30, 1915. Elmtree Street

Noble, James, 33
Alexandra Reg, d Oct 20, 1917. China Street

Oliver, Alfred, 17
Merchant Navy, d Nov 27, 1917. Lucknow Street
He was a “boy” on SS Gladys when it struck a mine in the English Channel

Oswnett, Joseph, 32
20DLI, d Sept 29, 1918. Barnard Street

Park, Richard, 25
Machine Gun Corps, d Oct 4, 1918. Wilson Street

Peacock, David Ronald, 29
6DLI, d Oct 2, 1916
Lived most of his life in North Terrace, but joined up from Stanhope

The Northern Echo:

Pearson, John Thomas, 30
Coldstream Guards, d Sept 19, 1914. Barningham Str
A boilermaker, he was probably the fifth Darlingtonian to die in the war

Peirson, Ernest Samuel, 20
DLI, d Apr 14, 1918. Easson Road
Worked at Stivvies

Penman, Thomas, 34
DLI, d May 27, 1918. Allan Street

Plowman, John Stuart, 20.
Royal Navy, d Nov 26, 1914. Harewood Terrace
An able seaman on HMS Bulwark which blew up in the English Channel in the early days of the war, killing all 741 crew on board

Pratt, Edward Henry, 29
5DLI, d Sept 15, 1918. Fawcett Street

Prior, Harry, 19
Australian Infantry, d Jun 27, 1915
Born in Darlington, his parents lived in Beaumont Street, but he must have emigrated and died in the Anzac landings at Gallipoli

Pullin, John Henton, 22
North Lances, d Jan 21, 1916. Grange Road

Raine, Arthur, 26
Northumberland Fus, d Apr 29, 1915. Charles Street
There is another Arthur Raine on the hospital memorial

Ramsbottom, John, 37
Yorks Lancs Reg, d May 8, 1915. Vulcan Street

Ranson, James Arthur, 20
Northumberland Fus, d Mar 20, 1917. Jane Street
Worked at the rolling mills, left a widow, Emma, when he died at Arras

Richardson, Arthur, 18
Adopted name: Arthur Weakner
Merchant Navy, d Feb 24, 1918
The death of his mother, Mortimer Richardson, seems to have pushed him into the workhouse in Yarm Road, although his father, Charles Richardson, survived. He was adopted by the master and matron of the workhouse, John and Annie Weakner. He was onboard a cargo ship, SS Renfrew, when it was sunk by a U-boat off Pembrokeshire, and all 40 crew died

Richmond, Thomas, 26
RAF, d Oct 14, 1918. Beaconsfield Street
An aircraft repairman, he died in hospital in London

Robson, George, 32
2DLI, d May 11, 1917. Grainger Street

Robson, Stanley, 21
DLI, d Nov 2, 1917. Dodds Street

Ruecroft, Lawrence Oswald, 19
Coldstream Guards, d Sept 28, 1915. Alliance Street
An engine boy at the rolling mills

Rushbrooke, Alfred, 35
Worcester Reg, d Mar 4, 1917. Eskdale Street
He was a boot salesman who was married to Minnie

Rushbrooke, William, 38
15DLI d Oct 5, 1917. Eskdale Street
The Rushbrooke brothers were commemorated by a stained glass window, paid for by their widowed mother, in Greenbank Methodist Church at the top of Bondgate. It seems to have been dstroyed when the chapel was demolished in the 1960s

The Northern Echo:

Sandwick, Jonathan, 33
Royal East Kent Reg, d Aug 9, 1915. Dickinson Str
He was a carriage repairer. His name is on the Menin Gate. He left his widow Mary with three children

Scott, Walter Thomas, 36
Canadian Railway Troops, d May 26, 1918
From Dodds Street, but emigrated to Canada

Shepherd, Richard, 19
Royal Munster Fusiliers, d Mar 22, 1918
Born in Middlesbrough, but lived in Swan Street as his father worked for Darlington council. Died on the Somme

Shutt, Charles Edward, 26
West Yorks Reg, d Aug 18, 1917. Cumberland Street
A rivetter at North Road Shops, died near Ypres

Skilbeck, Thomas, 38
Royal Irish Rifles, d Aug 16, 1917. Coburg Street

Slater, George Alfred, 18
Northumberland Fusiliers, d Jun 29, 1918
Longfield Terrace, buried in Aycliffe churchyard

Smith, Arthur, 21
DLI, d Oct 28, 1918. Tinder Bank Cottage, Albert Road

Smith, Edward Arnaud Vester, 20
Royal Berks Reg, d Feb 20, 1919. Easson Road
Killed near Dusseldorf in Germany when serving in the army of occupation. His family lived in Cumberland Street and he is buried in West Cemetery

Smith, Henry Edward, 28
Royal Garrison Artillery, d Feb 10, 1919. Richmond View

Smith, John Thomas, 22
Royal Naval Reserve, d Jun 4, 1915
Born in Rise Carr, but joined up from Bishop Auckland

Stableforth, Alfred Lister, 21
Royal Field Artillery, d Oct 6, 1918. Archer Street

Stableforth, Richard Charles, 26
Northumberland Fus, d Aug 28, 1917. Archer Street
Both Stableforth boys were born in Guisborough, but their parents ran the Britannia Inn in Archer Street. Alfred, who died near Ypres, was a moulder at Darlington Forge, while Richard, who died on the Somme, worked in the pub

Stairmand, Ernest William, 29
West Yorks Reg, d Apr 25, 1918. Jacksons Yard

Tate, William Hobson, 50
Royal Defence Corps, d Oct 7, 1916
Probably born in the Hurworth area, he was a blacksmith’s striker at Whessoe Lane Shops when he died. Buried West Cemetery

Taylor, Harry, 32
Royal Warwick Reg, d Oct 10, 1917. Windsor Street
He died within a week of his brother, Fred, who is on the hospital war memorial. Another Harold Taylor is listed on it, but not him

Taylor, Thomas White, 19
Royal Navy, d Dec 30, 1918. Bondgate
Died in a naval base in Essex and is buried in West Cemetery

Tennant, Percy Herbert, 35
West Yorks Reg, d Jul 28, 1916
Grew up in Northgate, but joined up from Wigan. His name is on the memorial in St Hilda’s Church

Thompson, Walter, 24
17DLI, d Aug 6, 1915. Flora Avenue
A DLI captain with a BSc from Durham University, in died on Gallipoli

Tomlinson, William, 19
Worcester Reg, d Mar 25, 1918.
Born in Grey Street, but lived in the Dodmire Boys’ Home

Tweddle, John Percival, 19
East Yorks Reg, d Apr 2, 1918. Gurney Street
A railway boilersmith, died on the Somme

Tweddle, William, 28
Royal Navy, d Aug 21, 1917. Thornton Street
Brother of the above, he died serving on HMS Gnat and is buried in the Indian coastal town of Chennai

Tyson, John Thomas, 37
3DLI, d Oct 11, 1914. Eastbourne Road
A housepainter and paperhanger, he died on Tyneside at the start of the war, and left Clementina with a son. On the grammar school memorial

Walker, Thomas, 47
Merchant Navy, d Jan 31, 1917. Chancery Street
He was a fireman on SS Ida Duncan, a trawler that struck a German mine in the mouth of the Tees. His body was never recovered

Walton, Harold, 27
NER Pioneers, d Sept 27, 1918. Green Street
A goods porter at North Road station. Killed near Cambrai and left a widow, Julia

Watson, John George, 39
Canadian Army, d May 20, 1916.
Grew up in Havelock Street but emigrated

Welsh, Andrew, 24
Northumberland Fus, d Oct 10, 1917. Abbots Yard

Whinn, Ernest, 34
8DLI, d Feb 17, 1918. Redfers Terrace, North Road
A railway porter who died near Ypres

Whitfield, John George, 29
Border Reg, d Jun 15, 1917. Trafalgar Terrace
Born in Richmond in 1888, married Edith in Darlington in 1906 and had a daughter, but he took his own life in King’s College Hospital, London. Buried in West Cemetery

Wilkinson, William Henry, 20
Yorks Reg, d Jun 7, 1917. John Street

Wilson, Harold Wynn, 24
10DLI, d Sept 16, 1916. Westmoreland Street
A married plumber who died on the Somme

Wood, Ellis, 30
Tyneside Irish, d May 4, 1917. Kitchener Street

Woodend, William, 29
22DLI, d May 27, 1918. Park Street
A wool carrier at Peases’ Mill, died in northern France

Wright, Walter, 21
Hampshire Reg, d Apr 23, 1917.
Born Haughton, lived Wolsingham Terrace