HAVING looked at the top 10 things to do in Scarborough, it’s only fair we take a look to see what Whitby has to offer- especially in the colder weather.

With temperatures dropping across the board, you might feel it’s not the best time to be out and about seeing the sights.

However, some areas really come alive during the winter months and some attractions will still keep you warm and sheltered during the colder weather.

We’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 things you can do in North Yorkshire despite the cold weather.

From museums to cosy café’s we’re sure there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy.

1. Whitby Museum, Whitby

Kicking things off is Whitby museum, a small venue that is “striving to preserve an Edwardian atmosphere” according to its description.

The museum houses a variety of general collections and offers a “huge range” of exhibits according to reviewers.

The venue has received 579 “excellent” reviews and 203 “very good” reviews out of a total of 821 reviews all together.

Although it is paid entry to get into the museum, the entry fee is then valid for a whole year according to reviews.

One person said: “This museum and art gallery was recommended to us and it didn't disappoint.

“The art galley part at the entrance is free but the museum itself is paid entry - excellent value as the entry fee is then valid for a whole year.

“There is a huge range of interesting exhibits - covering many different topics - and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

“We look forward to returning as there is too much to see in the couple of hours we were there.”

2. St Mary’s Church, Whitby

The Northern Echo:

Offering a great chance to see a “fascinating” church, according to reviewers, this is a nice little attraction which is mostly sheltered and warm.

Although it’s a bit of a climb to see (sure to make you warm at least) reviews have praised the church for being “interesting with lots of history.”

The venue has received 643 “excellent” reviews and 308 “very good” reviews out of a total of 1,004 reviews all together – even bagging itself a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice 2021 award.

One person said: “An unexpected gem of a church where the interior has kept its box pews and balcony pews.

“You can picture the old seamen praying in the church. Think the kids were more interested in the church than the Abbey itself. Well worth a visit when open.”

3. Museum of Victorian Science, Whitby

The Northern Echo:

This museum offers a “virtual” visit to “Dr Frankenstein’s Laboratory” displaying the education of young Victorian science.

According to the description on TripAdvisor, the attraction is complete with “Geissler Tubes, Bouquet Tubes, Railway Tubes, Jacob’s Ladder, a telegraph system, early x-ray tubes and many more demonstrations.”

This venue is the highest rated attraction on our list receiving 288 “excellent” reviews out of 292 reviews all together.

The museum is currently only accessible by pre-booking.

One person said: “Fantastic afternoon spent in the company of Tony and Pat.

“Tony's knowledge and enthusiasm shines through to make this such an enjoyable experience. Pat's beautifully prepared refreshments were the icing on the cake.

“Can highly recommend this experience.”

4. The Coffee Shop, Grape Lane, Whitby

The Northern Echo:

Praised for its “wonderful” home-made cakes by reviewers, The Coffee Shop is a great place for a nice hot cuppa during the colder seasons.

The café has nabbed itself a TripAdvisor 2021 Travellers’ Choice award and has received high reviews across all services such as food, service, value and atmosphere.

Receiving 179 “excellent” reviews and 31 “very good” reviews out of a total of 216 reviews, this café is a much-loved business.

One person said: “We found The Coffee Shop by accident. Intended to just have a cuppa but the cakes were too enticing and totally irresistible. Wonderful homemade cakes in a cosy cafe. Dog-friendly too.”

5. Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum won itself a VisitEngland Gold Award for Excellence in 2013.

Visitors are able to visit the house where James Cook came to serve his seaman’s apprenticeship according to the TripAdvisor description.

The 17th-century house belonged to Cook’s master the Quaker shipowner John Walker.

The description continues to say that the “museums rich collection celebrates Crook’s achievements and the work of those who sailed with him.”

The attraction has received 337 “excellent” reviews and 267 “very good” reviews out of a total of 702 reviews all together.

One person said: “We hadn't sought this museum out but came across it whilst walking about.

“So we went in and had a browse around. all very interesting and lovely to see all the original handwritten letters and documents. View from attic window was spectacular.

“£7 adult entry for the visit which takes about an hour seems a little expensive but upkeep of the treasures inside the museum is of course the most important thing.
Glad we visited, it was very interesting.”

6. Sandgate Coffee and Delights, Market Place, Whitby

Known for its famous Fatties this little café would be a perfect place to stop and have a nice bite to eat.

Reviewers have praised the café’s homemade scones known as Whitby Fatties, as well as the “exceptional” staff who run the venue.

The café has picked up 350 “excellent” reviews out of a total of 373 reviews and has received 5 stars in all aspects of service such as food, service, value and atmosphere.

One person said: “What a charming and lovely little cafe this is. I popped by and bought some of the famous fatties to take back home to relatives and they went down a treat.

“The lady who served me was the owner and she was so nice to chat to. If we are ever in Whitby again we will defo drop by again.”

7. W. Hamond Museum of Whitby Jet, Whitby

The Northern Echo:

This mini-museum offers interesting exhibits, a place to eat and a place to buy some examples of jewellery made from Whitby jet.

Reviews have called the venue “fascinating” and praised the informative and interesting artefacts the museum has to offer.

The venue has received 26 “excellent” reviews and 16 “very good” reviews out of a total of 49 reviews.

The museum is also free to enter.

One person said: “I remember when the contents of this museum were actually in their shop window and as a child I'd race to the top of Church Street to look at the ugly old jet necklaces and marvel at the way the chains had been carved out of single pieces of jet.

“Now they're all laid out in this fascinating and beautifully restored old church hall along with many other examples of Victorian jet, old photographs of wearers - including Queen Victoria and her family - along with beautifully preserved fossils and explanations of how fallen trees were compressed over millions of years to form this amazing compound that can be so exquisitely worked and carved.

“The museum is only small but works its way through to the shop which sells rather less complicated forms of jet jewellery nowadays and that. in turn, leads to the restaurant where you sit at tables faced by glass cabinets containing more fossils and interesting jet exhibits.

Don't walk by, go in. It doesn't cost anything and it's interesting and educational. Ugly though the old Victorian stuff was, it was amazingly made by people who suffered horrendously cramped and dusty working conditions that simply would not be tolerated nowadays.”

8. RNLI Lifeboat Museum

The Northern Echo:

Offering lots of history and exhibits the RNLI Lifeboat Museum is small but, according to reviewers, “the amount of information inside is staggering.”

The museum is free to enter and has received 324 “excellent” and 151 “very good” reviews out of a total of 491 reviews.

One person said: “Lots of history and exhibits here at the RNLI museum. The location is a previous station which houses a lot of memorabilia and original boats. It includes an example of the first cork life jacket.

“There is no charge and collecting tins and no way of adding gift aid unless you donate online.
The shop had a lovely array of gifts . This was closing for a major refurbishment following a substantial donation so likely to be even better when it reopens.”

9. The Willow Branch, Golden Lion Bank, Whitby

This café has grabbed itself a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice 2021 award and offers visitors a range of quick bites from cakes to sandwiches.

The venue has received 279 “excellent” reviews out of a total of 319 reviews all together.

One person said: “We were so glad we booked, busy popular cafe. Limited space so would suggest you book, about a dozen guests turned away who had not booked.

“We had sandwiches for lunch but the afternoon tea looked amazing and was very popular, if we go again we will have that for sure.”

10. Robin Hood’s Bay and Fylingdales Museum, Whitby

The Northern Echo:

Although a lot of this attraction is not sheltered, there are plenty of shops and café’s and a museum to pop into to warm up.

This attraction is a must visit when visiting Whitby and offers a beautiful village and a local museum with a “plethora” of knowledge regarding the history of the area.

Receiving 344 “excellent” and 180 “very good” reviews out of a total of 574 reviews, the spot has also picked up a TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2021.

One person said: “The village is beautiful, and the many little shops are perfect for a lazy day exploring Robin Hood's Bay.

“The local museum deserves a special mention; the lady on duty was friendly and welcoming, with a plethora of knowledge regarding the history of the area.”


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