THE Queen is remarkable. Aged 95, she’s been dashing around like someone a fifth of her age: London, Cardiff, Ascot, Windsor in one week.

And walking for the first time in public with a stick “for comfort”.

Little wonder she ended up in hospital for a night in need of rest.

We are lucky to have her. News of her hospital visit was released at the same time as further details emerged of the extraordinary libido of Juan Carlos, the former king of Spain. He is in exile following an embarrassing elephant hunt and now we learn that after amassing 5,000 lovers, he had to have hormone treatment to control his urges.

By contrast, our Queen is stoically and steadfastly holding the British monarchy together as the younger generations fail to live up to her selfless standards of service.

However, while Her Majesty is entitled to privacy, it was wrong for the palace to allow news of her overnight stay to leak out in the Sun newspaper. While she is the monarch, she is profoundly important to the country and the public are understandably concerned about her health.

But, after leaving hospital, she was straight back to her boxes, preparing for the Cop26 summit in Glasgow.

As crucial as that summit is, the public will be concerned that a lady of her years is not over-doing it.