A KIND-HEARTED man has come to the rescue after a disabled child had his access ramp stolen.

Natalie Roberts who lives with her disabled 5-year-old son in Stockton was devastated when she found that his access ramp had been stolen.

5-year-old Harley suffers from cerebral palsy and relies on his wheelchair to get around.

The access ramp was vital for him to get in and out of the house, with it gone the family had to lift his chair up to get him in.

Mrs Robert said: “I had a hospital appointment on Saturday morning, and I noticed it had gone.

“I asked my auntie whether she had seen it or moved it and she hadn’t

“It became obvious to me that someone had taken it.

“Our CCTV was down but our neighbours down the road showed us their CCTV.

“I saw them take it on the footage and called the police and put a post out on Facebook.”

The access ramp was stolen and put on to Facebook Marketplace for £40. It had a lot of interest from people, many of whom were looking for an access ramp themselves.

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The ramp was purchased by 'Anthony Mobility Stockton' a Facebook page dedicated to selling access equipment.

Mrs Roberts added: “As soon as I posted it, it got so many shares and I had people coming to me saying they had seen the people who stole it and they had seen it on the marketplace.

“Harley was really upset, and he asked me where it had gone, I found it so hard to answer him. I just said we will find it, it will turn up.

“If it was a bike, it wouldn’t bother me, but because it's my disabled child’s way of getting in and out of our house it has really bothered me.

“Anthony who bought it, bought it for his business but he saw my Facebook post and realised that he had our ramp.

“He got in contact with us and came to our house. As soon as he brought it out, I instantly recognised it.

“I don’t think it would have been that way if it didn’t get so much traction on Facebook, with the entire community sharing it.

“This story has a happy ending.”

The ramp was returned a few days later and Harley can once again access the house.

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