Shildon being home to a world-first driverless, zero-emissions transport system launched by Urban.Mass caused quite a stir on social media.

A zero-emissions transport system comprising driverless electric “pods” which can travel on both road and rail is launching in Shildon.

The futuristic ‘floc’ technology, launched by UK-based tech start up Urban.Mass will increase connectivity in cities worldwide, cutting congestion, air pollution, costs and carbon emissions.

Some readers welcomed the idea, saying it would be a positive move toward a more environmentally-friendly town.

Others, however, doubted the likelihood of the plan coming into fruition and didn’t take the proposition seriously, arguing that this was an unrealistic idea for the County Durham town.

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The Northern Echo: An artist's impression of what the new driverless, zero-emissions transport system could look likeAn artist's impression of what the new driverless, zero-emissions transport system could look like

One Northern Echo reader, Tim Dredge, commented on Facebook: “Looks canny. It works well on the London Docklands network so why not here. Owt which gets people about without increasing emissions & clogging up the roads seems very positive.”

Not everyone was so enthusiastic about the new plans though.

Angie Cooke said: “Probably won't make any difference it'll likely cost so much to travel no one will be able to afford to use it.”

June N Maurice Johnson: “They had one years ago in Sydney, Australia, we went on it, loved it, but didn’t get used enough so it’s not there now.”

Meanwhile, some on social media said they thought it had been an "April Fools."

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Others commented on the Northern Echo website.

A reader going by the username ‘Hard Truths’ said: “Won't this cost jobs in the medium to long term?

Obviously it doesn't have a driver, if they end up replacing those ‘ghastly’ ‘dirty’ buses and trains the drivers of the ‘stone age’ technology might have to work in one of the many factories that are apparently going to be created.

If you think this sounds too good to be true it means your using your critical thinking skills.”

A reader going by the username, ‘notthe9o'clocknews’ said: “Is this going to be yet another form of expensive public transport?”

Another reader with the username ‘Sykes12’ said the new transport plan was “an accident waiting to happen.”