As part of its new Move campaign, Durham Country Council is encouraging older residents to ‘move more’ by taking advantage of a wide selection of specially designed activities available across the county.

Almost everyone benefits from moving more, but for older adults staying active can make all the difference in later life. It’s a great way to make new friends and keep up with the grandchildren.  Plus, it can help reduce the risk of everything from heart disease to dementia.

Durham County Council wants to help older residents to get moving so they can live better for longer. As part of its new Move campaign, the Council is supporting older people to move more through a range of enjoyable, sociable and easy-to-access activities available throughout the county.

The Northern Echo: . For those who like the great outdoors, there are a walking sessions to suit a range of abilities. For those who like the great outdoors, there are a walking sessions to suit a range of abilities

These include exercise classes that are shorter in duration than traditional classes and focus on functional movement to help people maintain independence as well as popular classes like Zumba, which can be done sitting down. For those who like the great outdoors, there are a walking sessions to suit a range of abilities. In the Gentle Steps to Walking session, participants walk at their own pace on a flat running track, while an instructor guides people on flat paths at a gentle pace in the Get Walk Ready group.

Cllr Paul Sexton, Durham County Council’s Cabinet member for adult and health services, says: “We all know we should sit less and move more, but this can be more difficult for older people. Some may already be active and want to try something new, others may have a condition which makes moving more challenging. No matter how old or active you are, we can help you incorporate movement into your daily life to make a real difference to your health and happiness.”

To get started, simply complete the appointment form at: and an adviser will be in touch to help find suitable local activities. A full list of activities are available to view and book online in the Find Your Move section of the Move website at  while further information is available in the Support to Get Moving page or by calling 03000 262 539.

Exercise has proved a lifeline for 81-year-old Frederick Jackson from Newton Aycliffe. The pensioner enjoys visiting the shops, driving to the garden centre and meeting friends but all that stopped when the pandemic struck. The long months of isolation took a toll on Fred’s physical and mental health until he started following the Keep Fit Association's Movement Made Easy DVD from Durham County Council.

“This DVD is easy to follow and not too strenuous. It allows me to still exercise and feel like I am moving enough. It’s great to keep my mind and body occupied and a great idea for older people or people with poor health like myself.”

Including a warm up with seated and standing options, three exercise and dance sections and a cool down, the DVD is free to hire or can be delivered to your home by calling the Doorstep Delivery Service on 03000 263 789.