THE headteacher of a primary school forced to ask parents to stop wearing dressing gowns when dropping off their children at school has spoken out.

Last week, parents at Ayresome Primary School in Middlesbrough were "politely reminded" to dress appropriately after some turned up in pyjamas.

At the time, a memo sent to parents said that the new rules would apply to those entering the school premises, namely the school's yard.

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Prompting controversy, hundreds of parents and guardians were left divided - although an overwhelming majority appeared to support the school's message.

The Northern Echo: A parent pictured in pyjamas during a similar incident in Darlington five years agoA parent pictured in pyjamas during a similar incident in Darlington five years ago

Now the school's head, Charlotte Haylock, has defended her decision and has urged parents concerned to "seek" her advice and support.

Ms Haylock said: “We’ve recently seen an increase in the number of parents wearing dressing gowns when dropping off and collecting their children from school.

“This prompted me to issue a polite reminder to parents for them to wear appropriate clothing when accompanying their children to and from school.

“As a school, we encourage our children to be appropriately dressed at all times and we feel it is important for parents to do likewise.

“If parents are concerned about any issue impacting on their child’s schooling, my door is always open if they need to seek advice and support.”

The Northern Echo: The school is in Middlesbrough Picture: GOOGLEThe school is in Middlesbrough Picture: GOOGLE

However, earlier this week, pictures appeared in The Sun and Daily Mail showing parents flouting the rules and continuing to drop their children off in pyjamas.

They showed how parents had turned up in dressing gowns, Mickey Mouse pyjama pants just days after the memo went out - defying the request.

But Ms Haylock has since admitted there will not be any consequences for those who do not follow the rules, saying she "hopes" all parents follow the advice she has given.

Backing up Ms Haylock, the trust which runs the school said they "wholeheartedly support" the stance taken on the matter.

Andy Brown OBE, Chief Executive Officer for Ad Astra Academy Trust, added: “A number of parents and teachers have also expressed concern about some parents wearing nightwear at the school and I wholeheartedly support the stance taken by the headteacher.”

A Northern Echo straw poll recieved almost 1,000 responses and saw an overwhelming majority of readers support the decision.

Over a 24 hour period, a staggering 94 percent of those asked said they agreed with the school's position, leaving just six percent saying no.

In support, Katie Cook said: "I'm not surprised, to be fair (it) amazes me how people go to the supermarket – (I) completely agree with the school having standards, no excuse."

Andrew Quinn said: "I'll never understand why people don't make time to get dressed before taking children to school.

"Have some self-respect, not just for yourself but for your children so they'll grow up having the same respect."

'Who are we to judge'

Gemma Louise Pritchard, who suggested that it did not set a good example to children, did not appear to support the move.

But not everyone was convinced and supported the school's decision, with some saying they were focused on getting their child to school on time.

Dawn Wilson said she believed it "did not really matter" what parents wear as long their children are punctual.

She said: "Does it really matter what parents wear to drop kids off, as long as kids are dressed appropriately for school and on time.

"Who are we to judge why the parent isn't dressed appropriately."

Claire Gail added: "As a teacher, I am happy they are taking their children to school and keeping them safe."


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