THIS week 15 years ago, a pilot helped in the search for a man killed in a mid-air glider collision unaware that the victim was one of his friends.

Peter Heywood was killed when his aircraft collided with another glider over Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire.

His craft plummeted into farmland from 1,500ft, while the pilot of the second glider, Steve Algeo, from Corby, survived by using his parachute.

Both men were from Northamptonshire.

It was believed one of the pilots managed to make a mayday call, which was picked up by other aircraft and passed on to emergency services.

Rescuers included members of the Yorkshire Gliding Club, where the planes had taken off from.

Andy Parish, deputy chief flying instructor at the club, was among those involved.

He said at the time: "I had known the men involved for several years and I was very shocked by events this week."

Also that week, Timmy the monster moggie was so fat he has to live in a kennel and sleeps in a dog basket.

The owner's of the podgy pet, the Langley family, were already claiming he is the fattest cat in town.

Weighing in at a massive two stones, he has caused quite a stir since moving with the family from Ireland to Monkwearmouth, Sunderland.

Sean Langley, 37, said: "When we take him to the vets to get his jabs, he has to have ones designed for dogs because of his size.

"He's ten kilos, towers off the ground and he's pretty long too.

I'm sure he's the biggest cat in Sunderland."

Mr Langley and his wife, Gillian, moved into Nawton Avenue, Sunderland, with daughter Nicole, after leaving Northern Ireland.

They had to keep Timmy in the house for the past seven days while he became accustomed.