A SCHOOL has improved its Ofsted rating after a hard determination from students and staff.

Northern Education Trust have announced that North Shore Academy, in Stockton, has been judged by Ofsted to be an Outstanding school in all categories, following its inspection on July 7 and July 8.

Previously rated Requires Improvement, the academy has undergone rapid transformation thanks to the relentless determination of senior leaders in the school and the Trust, as well as the support of governors.

Inspectors were hugely impressed with the quality of education delivered, the behaviour and attitudes of students, their development, and the leadership and management of the academy.

They noted that students are exceptionally proud to attend the school.

Relationships between them and their teachers are highly respectful and very caring, with students believing that teachers help them to do their best.

Students told inspectors that the teachers “make them feel good about themselves” and that they feel cared for by staff.

Inspectors commented that: “Students are confident in lessons, they believe they can succeed, and they do succeed”.

Inspectors noted the buzz in the academy about reading, due to both the teachers’ enthusiasm about how much students enjoyed reading, and the students’ own inspiration gained from the many initiatives the academy employs, such as visiting speakers ‘The Masked Reader’ and Reading Routes.

Parents comments echoed the pride and passion staff feel about the academy, telling inspectors about their delight at the ‘amazing work of the school’.

Inspectors also stated: “Students’ behaviour in lessons and at social times is exemplary.

"In the social space, known as the ‘heart space', there is a calm, friendly atmosphere, where students enjoy talking about what they are learning with teachers.”

Students told inspectors that they enjoy these conversations, with inspectors noting that teachers regularly talk about important issues during social time, as well as in tutor groups and assemblies.

The teacher also help to foster a well-developed understanding of modern Britain and encourage the high levels of respect students have for each other and their community.

Andrew Murphy, Principal of North Shore Academy, said: “We are over the moon that Ofsted have recognised the incredible hard work that has been done to improve our school. The Trust and senior leaders at the academy have been on a mission to provide the best education possible for our wonderful students, which we have achieved with the support of our phenomenal, dedicated staff, the parents and carers of our students and our trustees and governors.

“My sincere thanks go to everyone who has supported us through this journey, and I hope both the school and local community join us in celebrating this magnificent achievement.”