THE cast of an amateur horror film has spoken out about their roles in helping create the successful franchise.

With five films, numerous awards, millions of viewers around the world and tonnes of scares later, North East villains The Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine have already built up quite a reputation over the past two years.

The Rag Dolly is played by Newcastle actress, personal trainer, and online fitness coach Faye Ormston.

Miss Ormston said: "I play The Rag Dolly. It's been great seeing the character develop from an idea in Dean's head to what she is today. It's been fun playing her, seeing all the different directions and how deep and complex the character really is."

Eve Valentine is played by Durham X-Factor Finalist, singer and actress Sam Lavery.

Miss Lavery said: "It’s been great to be a part of filming, over the past two years, with a great cast and crew. It has been an amazing experience and I have enjoyed every minute playing Eve Valentine"

The Northern Echo: Sam Lavery as Eve Valentine

However, due to workload and restrictions, the characters have had to have their very own stand-in, Ellie Dhiman.

Mrs Dhiman lives in Willington, in County Durham and is a Dance Instructor.

Mrs Dhiman said: "I was a little daunted at first to put on the costume and wave around a spade and knife.

"I'm a dancer by trade, not a fighter. It’s been great fun being a part of the franchise. It’s not often you can say you’ve played two vicious psychopaths."


The character's creator and Director, Mr Midas said: "Sam, Faye & Ellie have done an amazing job of bringing the Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine to life, this may be the last film, but who knows what the future holds for these evil sisters."

Dolly v Eve: Homecoming will be released on Friday, October 22.

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