SUNFLOWER season is in full swing, and our readers have sent a selection of pictures from the best in their gardens.

Glynis Whitehead said: "We grew more than 70 sunflowers in our garden from wild bird seed, one of the sunflowers has 12 heads on it.

Colin Barker had a bit of fun by adding a giant pair of sunglasses to his flower.

He said: "Meet Flora – not the biggest but looking for the sun in Darlington."

Michael Robson-Grice said: "During lockdown we grew sunflowers from seeds and distributed them to neighbours.

"We decided to do the same again this year. We had a little help from a gardener neighbour after ours were failing to thrive and getting eaten by slugs. My son Aidan is very proud of this huge one."

Ann Vickers said: "These are my granddaughter’s sunflowers. "Evie is four years old and planted and tossed them in the ground all by herself."

James Brown from Richmond was surprised when sunflowers started growing out of the pots at his house.