Thousands of residents across the North East and North Yorkshire have been left with no TV signal after the Bilsdale transmitter fire on August 10.

Telecommunications company Arqiva have been working to build a temporary mast, but progress has been slow.

In an update yesterday they said: "This week has seen the successful restoration of more Freeview television services for those who receive signals from Arncliffe Wood, which mostly serves the Darlington area. 

"Additionally, we have also restored services from a number of relay sites. These are Rookhope; Castleton; and Bainbridge.

However, it was reported that residents across swathes of North Yorkshire could be facing a minimum of two more months without a  signal. 

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Our readers have reacted online.

Jo Jones said: "DL4, I retuned (my) TV every day, get a couple of channels and they all keep pixelating very very frustrating as I watch TV in bed, not helping me get to sleep at all!" 

Eugene Gilleno commented: "I live in Heighington, just outside Darlington, and the signal is fragmented or not there at all."

Jackie Mayes said: "Still nothing for my mum TS19, she had BBC1 for a few days ago but nothing again. She has no broadband or cable, so relies on the transmitter."

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Stephen Genner argued: "You all should be ashamed if that was in London it would have been fixed in 2 days, we are now into 4 weeks.

"This is not acceptable for the many people that have not received any programmes you should be fined £100.000 a day then you would fix the problem." 

Sarah Ramsey said: "I've retuned my TV numerous times, DL13, and absolutely nothing still."

Meanwhile, The Northern Echo has launched a campaign to get the BBC to refund ALL viewers affected by the Bilsdale mast fire. 

But the corporation only agreed to pay licence fees back to those who were without signal for at least a month.

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Reader Emma Timmons shared the heartbreaking reality of how the lack of signal is affecting older residents.

She said: "My grandad doesn’t have internet, a smart TV or any way other than watching through Freeview… joke is…he’s 84 this year…and only paid for his TV license in full in July for the first time in years as he’s been exempt because of the old rules. He (has) sat for 2 weeks without his 'company', it’s disgusting." 

Steven John Mcnulty said: "Been without TV channels for nearly a month now but still paid (my) license to watch no signal screen."

Wendy Marsh shared her view stating: "Whilst I am pleased the refunds have been sorted for those with no other access to TV, personally, I just want the signal back.

"We can watch through the iPlayer but there’s no local news and I just want this sorted, whoever is holding this up needs to think about how many people are being inconvenienced. 

"I cannot believe whoever is doing the work will not respect the area and why can they not just monitor the works if they are that concerned?" 

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