The arrival of the Treasury campus in Darlington is being hailed as the beginning of a number of organisations ‘north shoring’.

And Hagen Developments, which owns the Pioneer Court business park in Darlington says it isn’t just organisations and businesses looking to move from the expensive South East to cost-effective locations in the North.

Stuart Keegan, the company’s senior surveyor, says it is experiencing a rise in enquires from other regions, as well as within the North East itself, seeking to relocate or open a satellite office in Darlington.

He reported that high quality office space remains at a premium in the town – reflected by demand for units at Pioneer Court.

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“Darlington has emerged as a prime north shoring location,” he said“The announcement surrounding the arrival of the Treasury Campus has placed the town and the wider Tees Valley in the national spotlight.

“The obvious opportunities this creates is inspiring businesses to relocate or establish a presence in the town. There are obvious attractions for companies currently based in high-cost UK regions and cities and Darlington remains highly accessible, given its proximity to the A1(M) and A19, Teesside and Newcastle airports and the East Coast main line.

“It’s not just about cutting operational costs, relocating a business can also have huge benefits for employees in terms of shorter commutes, cheaper housing and a better quality of life.”

He said several businesses in Darlington were winning work from rivals in the South because they are able to deliver the same service at a lower price.