THE rollercoaster ride of being a sports fan. From emotional highs to devastating lows, we've seen it all this summer.

Before the heartbreak of England's Euro 2020 final penalty shootout defeat to Italy, the four weeks of football coming home brought the country together at a time we needed it the most (despite how awful it felt the Monday morning after).

That joy has carried on throughout the Tokyo Olympics. Despite certain outspoken voices calling for the games to be cancelled, claiming no one was interested, the glorious moments in the pool, the boxing ring or on the BMX track showed, in fact, the total opposite was true.

And that is what the power of sport can do. As well as the obvious health and social benefits of taking part in physical activity, it has given us moments of joy and memories we will never forget when we all craved an escape from the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, over to our North East football teams to carry on this magical run...