A MAN who threatened to kill his ex-partner when he turned up at her front door while drunk has been jailed.

Kenneth McGuinness, who has a history of domestic abuse, smashed up his victim's car after throwing garden furniture through he patio windows when he lost his temper on June 6 this year.

The 55-year-old also assaulted a police officer when they were called by his terrified victim, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Jenny Haigh, prosecuting, said the defendant was charged with a catalogue of offences after he kicked off when he called to pick up some of his goods.

During his rampage, McGuinness damaged his victim's mobile phone, garden wall, car and patio window while shouting vile abuse at her.

Miss Haigh told the court that McGuinness had been jailed for a previous attack on his partner during their violent relationship and rekindled their partnership when he was released from custody.

"When she opened her front door, he standing there drunk and very aggressive," she added.

McGuinness demanded to know where his vases and clothes were and the victim lead him over to her car where she had stored them in the boot.

Miss Haigh added: "He shouted 'Where's my money, you f***ing fat cow? You fat s***' – she said he was referring to the money he wanted to buy a new mattress."

When he continued to abuse her she attempted to call the police but he took her mobile off her and smashed it on the ground. The defendant went on to damage her home and car before being arrested when police arrived on the scene. McGuinness then caught a police officer in the face.

McGuinness, of Wembley Court, Stockton, pleaded guilty to threats to kill, four charges of criminal damage, affray and assault on an emergency worker.

Jon Harley, in mitigation, said his client believed his former was damaging some of his property before he reacted 'disproportionately'.

He said: "It was a lamentable course of conduct fuelled by drugs and alcohol and fuelled by a hangover from a deceased relationship."

Recorder Benjamin Nolan QC sentenced McGuinness to a total of three years and three months.

He said: "When you threatened to kill her, you intended for her to take seriously. She did take it seriously, not only because of the nature of your behaviour in the past but because she knew of your criminal record which involved a number of pervious attacks on partners – including her."

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