MANY famous people throughout history have walked through halls of Eton College.

Eton College was founded in 1440 by Henry VI, it is located in the home county of Berkshire.

Throughout the years it has seen Royalty, Prime Ministers, authors, and spies study there.

One of the most famous alumni is writer George Orwell, who wrote 1984 and Animal Farm.

The Orwell Award is named after him as studied at the College from 1917 to 1921.

Another author who studied at Eton is Ian Flemming who wrote the famous James Bond books, Mr Flemming had worked in the Royal Navy's Military intelligence unit during the Second World War.

The college has also educated many of the UK's Prime Ministers, including current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, along with David Cameron, Harold MacMillan and Anthony Eden.

Eton College has its own theatre and as a result many famous actors have studied at Eton.

One of the most famous is Christopher Lee who is famous for his roles in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and the Hammer Horror films.

Hugh Laurie famous for his roles in House, and Blackadder studied at Eton in the the 1970s.

More recently actor Damien Lewis who is famous for his roles in the TV series Band of Brothers and Homeland.

TV personality and explorer Bear Grylls studied at Eton where he founded his first mountaineering club.

Another famous explorer is Sir Ranulph Fiennes who took numerous expeditions to the North and South Poles, as well as climbing Mount Everest.