A SUPPORT group for men with cancer is to launch on Teesside.

A Macmillan support group for men with all types of cancer is set to launch at the Trinity Holistic Centre at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, led by volunteer Steve Wilson who lives with secondary Melanoma skin cancer.

The group is happening once a month, the first Thursday with the scheduled for Thursday, August 5 with a maximum of 12 people and offer a relaxed and conversational atmosphere in a safe environment.

Mr Wilson, 53, is a married father of two from Guisborough who lives with Stage 3 metastasised Melanoma skin cancer, first diagnosed in 2010 then discovered to have spread to his Lymph nodes in 2017.

Mr Wilson said: “I was incredibly fortunate as my Macmillan nurse from my original diagnosis had said ‘call me anytime’ and I did, years later, in 2017 when I discovered a worrying lump in my groin the size of a marble.

"Within 24 hours I had been given a fine needle biopsy which confirmed secondary skin cancer. Without the speed and professional guidance from my Macmillan nurse I wouldn’t be here.

“I was given a psychologist to talk to by Dr Dyson who introduced me to various mental health and wellbeing strategies and since then I’ve gone form strength to strength mentally, often doing my own research into what’s out there and I want others to experience this.

“I believe there are a lot of men out there who like me probably bottled up their fears when diagnosed and without realising it, need reassurance and support.

"It’s not one thing that works for everyone, it needs to be shaped around the individual, I did a lot research on my own because that’s what I like to do; but it’s different for everyone.”