I WANT Teesside Airport to succeed as much as anyone but to pump even more money into this already massively haemorrhaging folly is crazy (Echo, Jul 1), particularly given the financial plight of Stobart Air, an airline which is connected to Stobart Aviation which operates the airport.

Surely the sensible approach is to mothball Teesside until better times?

Throwing another ten million at it, as Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen has done, is simply a no no. Common sense surely must prevail. The airport seems to be relying on a wing and a prayer.

Borrowing more money which can never be paid back is like pouring petrol on an already raging fire. If the airport is ever to have a future to add to its long aviation history, creating sky high debts for it isn’t going to make for a smooth take off.

I was on the Ryanair flight to Alicante that was delayed for two hours and then had to return to the terminal (Echo, June 20). The reason was that someone had put the wrong nametag on a passenger’s bag at the check-in so everyone who had bags in the hold had to get out and check them.

Fortunately, the plane was far from full and this mistake happened when hardly any planes or passengers were using the airport.

Little fish are sweet, as is our Teesside Airport, but to expect too much from this gem will destroy its very existence and instead of proving to be a massive assistance to the rejuvenation of the area, it will become an unsustainable liability that will be razed to the ground and inevitably resurrected in bricks and mortar with aeronautical themed street name plaques being the only reminder left.

John Cumberland, Rushyford.