IT is clear from official NHS statistics that the “third wave” of Covid-19 is now out of control, with reported new cases rising at an alarming rate (Echo, June 28).

The vaccines seem to be working, and the number of deaths remains relatively low, although many surviving victims will still suffer from the effects of long Covid.

Moreover, the number of hospital admissions is rising, and this could pose a future danger to the NHS’s ability to cope.

Thus one would expect a sensible government to reintroduce some Covid-19 restrictions, in an attempt to bring the “third wave” under control.

Unfortunately, as usual Boris Johnson’s government is delaying too long, and ignoring expert advice; indeed, there is now a distinct danger that they will still release all restrictions on July 19.

This risks a repeat of their mistake during the “second wave”, when they relaxed restrictions in early December before Covid was under control, resulting in a massive increase in cases, and about half the total UK deaths from this disease.

Will these incompetents never learn?

Alan Jordan, Middridge.