IT is very worrying that a Darlington councillor is apparently being targeted by window-breakers because of his stance against anti-social behaviour and illegal off-road bikers.

At the weekend, Cllr Kevin Nicholson’s windows were smashed for a second time.

This follows hard on the heels of a man’s house in Wingate being set on fire twice because he spoke out against very similar forms of disruptive behaviour.

We need more people to stand up for their communities, not fewer; we need more councillors to speak out about issues affecting their communities rather than quietly sitting on their hands and collecting their allowances.

If Cllr Nicholson is being targeted because of his stance, then he is being targeted in lieu of his local residents. If an elected representative is being targeted, then this is not just a crime about a broken window, but it is an attack on democracy.

It should not be tolerated by either the police or the community. Throwing a missile in the dead of night and running away is a cowardly attack; a brave person would stand, debate and defend their point of view. Someone must know who that coward is. They should report them because, if they target an elected politician because of his views, they are undermining the fabric of the town.