Matt Hancock has been the main topic of conversation after pictures emerged of the Health Secretary kissing his closest government aide, Gina Coladangelo.

The images appear to be captured via CCTV outside of the married, father of three’s office, just after 3pm on May 6.

Mr Hancock said he was “very sorry” for breaching social distancing rules and asked for privacy for his family.

He said: “I accept that I breached the social distancing guidance in these circumstances.

“I have let people down and am very sorry.

“I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic, and would be grateful for privacy for my family on this personal matter.”

The news may leave some men and women out there feeling paranoid that their partner could be cheating on them.

Therapist and relationship expert TJ Gibbs, the Love Coach says there are seven signs your partner could be cheating.

She said: “The statistics of a poll on infidelity carried out by and Onepoll, show that 18.3% of women and 25.4% of men have cheated on their current partner at least once.

“With the fact that more women are in the workplace than ever before, and with the rise in online profiles and downloads of dating apps, it has never been easier for either partner to access someone to flirt, meet or have an affair with.”

TJ adds that it is important to note the changes in your partner’s behaviour.

“It is not the activity alone that you consider but how it deviates from the normal patterns of your partner,” she said.

She adds: “When infidelity is exposed, cheating is never about the other partner, it’s always about the person who is cheating.

“Not being honest with each other about one’s needs in a relationship can lead a partner to seek that ‘being themselves’ elsewhere even if they love you. 

“This is not a justification but an explanation as to why indeed they may love you yet risk losing you.”

TJ has revealed seven signs that could indicate a partner is cheating:

  1. Their Whatsapp status shows them online a lot more when before they hardly used the app.
  2. Do they cause meaningless rows so that they don’t have to go to particular events or encourage you to go to events without them?
  3. Are they suddenly being overly nice, allowing you to watch whatever you want on TV, buying you gifts, asking if you would like to go out to your favourite restaurant – for some having an affair can make them act happier in their life, or guilt can make them try to make it up to you subconsciously.
  4. Maybe the opposite is true and they are constantly picking fault with you or accusing you of cheating – once someone has successfully cheated undetected they start to think that if they could do it, why can’t you.
  5. As the study shows that most affairs start in the work place, is your partner suddenly attending more working events, working away from home or having to work late into the evening doing “overtime”?
  6. Do they change their grooming routine, suddenly start dressing sharper and trendier and take more of an interest in their appearance and hygiene.
  7. Has their sexual appetite or interest changed, for some having an illicit affair increases their sex drive and their zest for sexual adventure, for others it can decrease it as guilt sets in.