A PERVERT who admitted carrying out sexual acts on two dogs has narrowly avoided prison.

Depraved Chloe Simpson was also caught with child abuse images, extreme pornography, involving animals, and a prohibited image of a child, when police raided her east Cleveland home.

The 24-year-old, who is transitioning to a man, stored her perverted library of images and videos, totalling almost 10 minutes, on her iPhone and laptop.

Teesside Crown Court heard how images and videos of sex acts on a "small white dog" were recovered as well as 33 extreme pornographic images involving horses and dogs.

A second laptop also contained four category A images, involving children between seven and 10-years-old, and another iPhone with one prohibited category A image.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, there was a total of 308 images of two dogs being sexually abused stored on the defendants digital equipment.

He added: "Upon further examination of the first iPhone there were conversations on Kik Messenger between Chloe Simpson and other like-minded people in which they discussed their interested in child abuse and bestiality."

A vet said that the white dog had suffered no lasting injury but it had been exposed to the risk of infection and peritonitis.

Simpson, of St Hilda’s Terrace, Loftus, pleaded guilty to a catalogue of offences, including possession of child abuse images and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Chris Morrison, defending, said that she was a vulnerable person who was the carer for her grandmother, and her activities had centred around using her iPhones and laptops to visit the internet.

The court heard how Simpson was the primary carer for her grandmother but had moved out of her home for fear of ''Neanderthal' repercussions.

Mr Morrison said his client's mother had 'washed her hands of her' while she maintained that she had no sexual interest in children but offered up no excuse for her behaviour.

Judge Jonathan Carroll refuted her claim that she had no sexual interest in the material she was downloading and watching but accepted that she had had a difficult childhood and struggled with her sexual identity throughout her life.

Sentencing her to a ten month prison sentence, suspended for two years, the judge told her that her 'obnoxious' collection of child abuse images meant she was 'directly playing a part in the abuse of those children by seeking out and viewing that material.

He added: "Your use of internet has been one of your only outlets and that has drawn you into some pretty dark places and mixing with some pretty dark people."

She was banned from keeping animals for ten years as well as being issued with a ten-year sexual harm prevention order.