A CONVICTED rapist is back behind bars for a string of violent assaults and controlling behaviour.

Calvin John Chapman, who had previously been handed a nine years sentence for rape, contacted a woman via social media in September 2020.

The pair started talking regularly, visited the pub together and grew close.

Durham Crown Court heard that he quickly became very controlling, he wanted to know her whereabouts and sent threatening texts to her ex-husband.

Paul Reid, prosecuting said: “He turned up at her home. She said she didn’t want him there but he said he just wanted to chat and wanted to be with her.

“He also said he was depressed and suicidal and rang constantly. He checked her phone for messages and her social media and was aggressive towards her.”

On New Year’s Eve 2020 the victim was awoken by a bang on the door. The 31-year-old had been drinking and forced his way into the house before smashing a photo frame.

He wanted to know who had been inside the property and damaged her phone.

Chapman then pushed her onto the floor punched her twice in the face causing serious injuries. After the attack, Mr Reid said he cried and said his head was ‘a mess’.

Months after he kept constantly talking about the victim’s former husband and messaged her demanding photographs of where she was.

He assaulted her again on March 6, 2021.Chapman started banging on her door at 5am after a night of drinking.

When she opened the door he immediately smacked her and said that her ex had been in the house.

He then launched a brutal attack pushing her the floor and kicking her so hard it dislocated her arm.

The attacker then said he was sorry and claimed he would never drink again.

However, on April 3, he attended the address again but she told her mother and the police were informed.

A victim statement read out in court states: “The last eight months have been extremely traumatic it is only now that I realise to the full extent the toll it has taken on me. For months I have not been able to relax and have felt like a prisoner.”

In mitigation, the court heard that he pleaded guilty at an early stage.

Chapman, of Kirkfield Gardens, Catchgate, near Stanley, was sentenced to 30 months in prison for controlling and coercive behaviour, 12 months concurrent for breaching a restraining order and 12 months concurrent for each assault.