Ever quick Dehenna Davison, MP for Bishop Auckland has been applauded for shutting down a troll who Tweeted her with a misogynistic message during England's opener against Croatia.

The Conservative MP had tweeted about her excitement for the England v Croatia match with the caption "Come on, lads!!!" and a picture of the players heading out to play.

But one troll took exception and replied with an explicit and sexually offensive tweet.

Dehenna wasted no time putting him in his place with the response: "No ta, I'm watching the football."

One follower said: "Wow, that's atrocious. Expertly dealt with though Dehenna."

The politician's quick-witted reply has generated more than 1,000 likes on Twitter with dozens of social media users calling out the troll.

It's fair to say the MP got the last laugh.

Ms Davison is no stranger to abuse on social media and last year the politician took to social media herself to call out some of the abuse she has faced.

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In October last year she tweeted that yobs shouted for her to 'get my t*** out' and another called her a "Tory c***". 

Ms Davison became the constituency's first Conservative MP in more than 80 years in 2019.