THE environmental benefits of travelling by train has been laid on the line for rail passengers using one of the region’s busiest stations.

London North Eastern Railway (LNER), which operates on the East Coast Main Line, is highlighting the green pluses of taking the train, over other forms of transport, as many UK holidaymakers plan staycations this summer.

Research has identified the hidden carbon costs of driving to a staycation, with the average trip per passenger from Newcastle to London via car having a carbon footprint of 54.88kg compared to just 17.45kg via train.

LNER has launched a campaign to help people to travel in a more environmentally-friendly way with a new downloadable ‘Green Guide’.

It features tourist tips to and from Newcastle so both existing residents and visitors can plan their trip in the most sustainable way.

The train operator has also worked with artist Jamie Wardley to create a series of sculptures made out of black sand.

Relative sizes of each sculpture reflects the carbon emissions dumped into the atmosphere when travelling between London and Edinburgh via different modes of transport.

The artist spent more than 100 hours creating the sculptures, including one of the Tyne Bridge which has gone on display at Newcastle Central Station, to highlight the environmental credentials of train travel, emitting six times less emissions into the atmosphere than air travel.