A FOOD blogger has discovered a way to order secret menu items from fast food chains.

Craig Harker from Stockton has been travelling around the country visiting fast food chains from KFC to Five Guys to try and order ‘hidden menu’ items.

Mr Harker, who runs the George Pub and Grill in Stockton, also writes a food blog called ‘Dad loves food.’

He has travelled the world in search of the best meals, his blog has taken him to Chernobyl in Ukraine and Las Vegas in the USA.

As part of his blog, he Facebook lives his food order and also gives a review.

These videos attract hundreds of viewers as people want to find out what is on the menu today.

“I own a couple of restaurants and of course, I love food.

“During lockdown I had a lot more free time on my hands to try this.

“The most popular places are fast food chains, there’s always a myth about a hidden menu item.

“I thought I would go out to these places and check them out, to see if we can get the hidden menu items.

“Most of the time they are happy to do it, it just depends whether it’s a franchise or not, most places on Teesside are willing to do it.

“I am just amazed at the amount of people who have tuned into watch my videos, it shows its something people are very interested in.

“I think people like them because none of my videos are edited, its just raw footage, because its live.

“This means that if I can do it anyone can, they can get in their car and go to their local fast-food chain, no more than five minutes away and do it.”

Mr Harker’s videos have been watched by 9.9million people this month alone.

One of his videos features him ordering a burger from Burger King with 20 beef patties in it.

Mr Harker added:“Craziest is 100 Mcdonalds cheese burgers to make one huge stack, so much meat, every bite was amazing as there was cheese and sauce in-between each pattie.

“Nicest is the KFC Loaded Fries. The Fries covered in popcorn chicken, beans, coleslaw and all the sauces was an absolute mess but hit every single taste bud.

“As well as creating my own challenges for the George I’m looking forward to seeing how far I can really push these venues to go big.

"I want to get to a Wendy’s, Taco Bell and even In and Out Burger in the US.

“If anyone tries this don’t forget to ask for extra napkins”