A NORTH EAST vet has issued an urgent warning to dog owners as temperatures across the region soar.

Saltburn Vets practice has warned those against walking their dogs during the day in periods of hot weather.

It has also explained what you need to do if you see a dog collapse, or is seen panting heavily, due to extreme heat.

In a warning, the Saltburn-based practice urged dog walkers to instead take their pets out "very early" in the day or in the "late evening."

They said that this was due to temperatures on the ground that can become hot enough to burn, and cause injury, to their paws.

It said: "Please don't walk your dogs in these high temperatures, take them out very early in the day or late evening.

"Not going for a walk won't do any harm but even "just down the road" could burn their paws which is extremely painful.

"Straight out and straight back in for toilet purposes will suffice.

"In any event please carry water with you in case you get caught out. Zig zag if you have to.

"Look for grass verges to walk on and cross over to the side of the street which is in shade. Even if shade is provided in the garden, it's not guaranteed that your dog will use it so keep a close eye on what they're doing."

Issuing further advice, the practice explained what people should and should not do when seeing a dog collapse, or pant excessively, due to the heat. 

It said: "If you see a dog which has collapsed and/or is panting excessively, drape a wet towel over and splash with slightly cooled never cold water and seek Veterinary attention ASAP."

According to The Met Office, temperatures across the region are set to hit as high as 24c today, while this spell of heat is expected to go right into the weekend.

The forecast says that temperatures tomorrow (Friday) are also likely to hit 21c as the country experiences heatwave conditions.