A GROUP of Darlington women have created a shop window display to demand a better, fairer world that works for everyone.

Darlington Soroptimists have joined the Wave of Hope campaign by creating a display of waving hands decorated with messages about climate change and other world issues.

The display, on show at the Oxfam shop in Skinnergate, Darlington, will then be sent to leaders from around the world at the G7 summit in Cornwall later this week.

The Soroptimists of Darlington have joined a coalition of over 75 charities and organisations in the campaign, ranging from the Fairtrade Foundation to Save the Children and Christian Aid.

An awareness raising movement rather than a fundraising one, the Darlington Soroptimists champion human rights issues affecting the public today.

Stefan Donnelly, campaigns supporter engagement manager at the Fairtrade Foundation said: "Every day all over the world our Fairtrade community is fighting the inseparable crises of climate, Covid-19, and unacceptable global injustice.

"The farmers and workers behind our foods and goods need leaders at the G7 to commit to radical action that helps build a fairer, more sustainable future for all of us."