A MAN who found it hard to get over the end of a long-term relationship went on a drunken rampage seeking to wreak revenge on his ex-partner, a court heard.

It culminated in Brian Lynch seeking to assault not only his former partner and her mother, but also inflicting a stab wound on his pregnant daughter with a kitchen knife as she tried to protect her mother from attack.

Durham Crown Court heard that although she suffered a slash-type wound to the stomach, her unborn child survived unharmed.

Lynch, 57, of Bruce Kirkup Road, Horden, only admitted wounding with intent and two counts of affray a week before his scheduled trial, and has now been jailed for ten years and two months.

Shaun Dodds, for the Crown, told the court that having been in a relationship for more than 30 years Lynch found it hard to accept when he “ex” left him three years ago, to move into a new home.

Lynch went to the home of his former partner’s mother, on December 14, smashed a window and grabbing her arms, before pushing her back towards a door, asking about his ex-partner.

The frail 82-year-old made the excuse of needing to go to the toilet and fled the house in her slippers.

Lynch followed and slapped her on the back of the head, causing a swelling.

Mr Dodds said Lynch then moved on to his former partner’s Peterlee home, where he grabbed her and threatened to kill her.

Their daughter, 35, who was six-months pregnant, prised her father away and when he armed himself with a kitchen knife, she stood in front of him, acting as a “shield” to protect her mother, who ran from the house.

Lynch swung the knife at his daughter, causing bloodshed, and then chased after her mother.

Despite losing her footwear she managed to get to the car of a neighbour who took her to a police station to report the incident.

Nick Peacock, in mitigation, told the hearing: “He’s clearly had difficulty in accepting that he’s caused injuries to a member of his own family.

“He had been drinking heavily at the time, unable to deal with the break-up, causing him to have something of a mental health breakdown.

“He’s finally accepted he caused the offences.”

Jailing him, Judge Ray Singh said it was “merciful” that Lynch’s unborn child was not harmed, adding: “But that was through good fortune, rather than by design.”

Lynch must serve two-thirds of the sentence before being released on licence.