A WOMAN involved in a late-night police chase was warned a prison sentence is the “highly likely” outcome to court proceedings.

Samantha Marie Martin was at the wheel of a Renault Clio pursued by police for about ten minutes, ending on Pelton Lane, between Newfield Village and Grange Villa, near Chester-le-Street, at about 11.20pm on Saturday November 7, last year.

Following her arrest she failed to provide police with a breath specimen for analysis.

Martin, 30, of Pine Street, Grange Villa, admitted dangerous driving, failing to provide a specimen, plus driving with no licence or insurance.

Appearing at Durham Crown Court, her counsel, Lewis Kerr, asked for a Probation Service background report to be drawn up on the defendant, prior to sentence.

“She’s a lady who was fleeing domestic violence at the time of the offence, and with whom there has been significant mental health involvement.

“She was also heavily pregnant at the time.”

Judge Ray Singh agreed, but told Martin: “I’ve looked at the case summary in length and just because there is to be an adjournment, don’t read anything into it.

“It’s a very serious matter and it’s highly likely there will be a prison sentence.”

Bailing her pending sentence on June 29, he imposed an interim driving ban.