Plans for a house of multiple occupation in Durham to form student accommodation have been ridiculed by a public comment, asking if the HMO is really needed.

The proposal seeks a change of use from a house to a house of multiple occupation for a property on North End in Durham.

The plans could see the internal room layout of the building altered in order to create spacious room sizes with comfortable levels of natural light and ventilation as per student accommodation regulations.

The proposal could also increase the number of bedrooms from three to six and could introduce a new showeroom as well.

According to the Planning Statement: "External changes to the building are minimal and have been done in order to maintain the existing character of the building."

A public consultee attached to the plans, however, asks that the plans be resubmitted to justify the change of use against the recently approved Durham City Neighbourhood Plan.

The consultee continues to say: "Where previous HMOs have been refused, one issue cited was a lack of demand within the City of Durham.

"The Neighbourhood Plan places great emphasis of the future needs of the Akyley Heads Business Park which is likely to provide additional employment and increase demand for high quality family housing.

"The plan also recognises asperations of Durham University to increase the number of 'live-in' students, this proposal runs contrary to this intention."

"With six people living in an HMO it is likely that there will be a greater number of vehicles entering and exiting the property than if the property was a three-bedroom home.

"When converting into an HMO consideration should be made as to whether there is adequate parking. 

"While limited parking to support the use of lower carbon transport is to be encouraged, many students rely on their own motor vehicles. 

"It is my opinion that the property has only adequate parking for two vehicles and any monoeuvering would have to take place on the shared use footpath and cycleway outside of St Leonard's School.

"The junction is one of the busiest traffic areas in Durham."