SOME McDonald's restaurants in the region have been forced to close due to issues with deliveries caused by protests at the weekend.

A number of restaurant including Sunderland's Ryhope Road were left with "no alternative" but to shut their doors as deliveries were not made.

The Northern Echo understands restaurants at other locations including Dalton Park and Washington have also been unable to open today as customers were turned away.

It comes as activists took to McDonald's distribution centres across the UK on Saturday as part of a number of demonstrations against the chain. 

The Northern Echo:

The Sunderland Ryhope Road restaurant was forced to close as staff told customers they were not able to open this afternoon Picture: CONTRIBUTOR

Animal Rebellion had used vehicles and bamboo structures to prevent lorries from leaving depots in Hemel Hempstead, Basingstoke, Coventry and Heywood. 

The group, which has since seen eight people charged with aggravated trespass in Basingstoke, have demanded the chain commits to becoming fully plant-based by 2025.

In the window of the Ryhope Road restaurant in Sunderland, customers were told it did not have sufficient stock to trade.

In a notice, it said: "Due to animal protesters blocking our distribution centres we have been unable to receive deliveries.

"Until this situation is resolved and we receive our required stock the restaurant has no alternative but to close.

"We apologise to our customers for the disruption caused by these protests and hope to resume normal services as soon as possible." 

Animal Rebellion spokesman James Ozden said protests at Coventry and Heywood ended voluntarily at 10am and 4am on Sunday, respectively.

The protest at Hemel Hempstead was cleared by police at around 3am while the Basingstoke demonstration ended at about 2am.

Mr Ozden said around 100 people took part in the protests and claimed the action disrupted an estimated 1,900 lorries.

Mr Ozden said the action was aimed at criticising the animal agriculture industry for its part in the global climate crisis.

A McDonald’s UK spokesperson said on Sunday that its distribution centres had reopened and were back in service delivering to its restaurants.