THE BBC is in a friendless place at the moment. Its reporter behaved appallingly, and its organisation, from the former director-general downwards, covered up and lied.

Prince William’s televised, personal statement on Thursday evening showed how angry he is about the treatment of his mother.

That is understandable, and their mother’s early death has had a profound effect on him and his brother, Harry.

It is also worth remembering that Diana is not the only victim here – what about the graphic artist, who forged the documents at Martin Bashir’s request and has barely worked again for the BBC? His business suffered at the same time as the BBC was lauding its reporter. The double standards are shocking.

There is no excuse for the BBC’s behaviour, but yesterday’s feeding frenzy by the rest of the media was distasteful.

Because back in the 1990s, several news outlets were hacking phones, and many were chasing cars and even making up stories about the royals to feed the general public’s seemingly insatiable appetite.

And, of course, the royal family itself didn’t help the situation. Diana’s state of mind cannot have been helped by having, in her own words, three in her marriage…

So it is right to condemn Martin Bashir for the fraud and the BBC for the cover-up, but let’s remember there were lots of other players as this terrible story came to its tragic end.