BABY names are always a hot topic but it seems some names are at risk of extinction as expectant parents opt for modern alternatives. 

New research by My Nametags has revealed which names are falling off the grid and which are taking entre stage, with modern names taking inspiration from popular culture. 

Researchers analysed its database of more than 1.5 million names and their popularity over the last decade to identify the latest name trends - here's what they found.

The names Gemma and Kieran has declined by more than 65 per cent, making them the UK’s most endangered names, as just four people have been named Kieran so far in 2021 and no one has been named Gemma. 

It isn’t just Gemmas and Kierans that are at risk of dying out.

Other names joining the list of the 50 most endangered names in UK include Rebecca, Lauren, Hannah, Matthew, Ryan and Robert.

All of these names have seen more than a 40 per cent decline in popularity over the past 10 years, placing them firmly in the danger zone. 

The drop in popularity of these names has made way for new, more unusual names, with popular culture becoming a big driver of the latest name trends.

The Northern Echo: Picture: MYNAMETAGS.COMPicture: MYNAMETAGS.COM

For example, uses of the name Aria have grown by almost 600 per cent, inspired by the hit TV show, Game of Thrones.

Mila and Penny also make the list of fastest-growing names, inspired by the actress Mila Kunis and the lead character in the cult-favourite sitcom, The Big Theory. 

Despite the growing trend for shortened names, there has also been a resurgence of ‘old-fashioned’ names.

Mabel, Flora, Florence, Rupert and Arthur have all seen huge growth over the past decade and are now no longer names that are exclusively associated with the older generation.