With summer just around the corner, Specsavers is urging you to prepare for summer by getting your eyes checked and ensuring you have sunglasses to protect your sight from harmful UV rays.

Specsavers Stanley and Chester-le-Street stores are advising customers about the importance of shielding your eyes in the brighter months when UV radiation is stronger.

Nearly all Specsavers glasses, including designer frames, can be turned into prescription sunglasses, meaning there are thousands of styles to choose from. What’s more, sunglasses are included in the two-for-one offer.

The local opticians also offer high-quality polarizing lenses to reduce glare and increase comfort.

When should I get my eyes tested?

Specsavers encourages everyone to get a sight test every two years unless they experience any changes or problems in the interim – in which case they should book an appointment immediately.

Durham customers can now also opt-in for an OCT (optical coherence tomography) scan which costs £10 and can help to identify warning signs of eye ailments years in advance.

The hospital-graded technology allows the optometrist to view your eyes in greater detail and detects treatable eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration sooner. In fact, it can even help to detect glaucoma up to four years in advance.

The scan, which only takes a few seconds, uses light to take more than 1,000 images of the back of your eye and beyond, looking right back to the optic nerve and creating a cross-section view.

The Northern Echo:

Ross McLachlan, store director at Specsavers Stanley and Chester-le-Street says: ‘An OCT scan is separate to an eye test however it is worth requesting this as we will be able to look at your eye health in greater detail in just a few seconds. 

‘It means that we will be able to manage any conditions which may occur and even prevent potential sight loss, as well as compare these results every time you return to Specsavers so we can monitor any changes over time.

‘We would recommend anyone over the age of 25, anyone with diabetes, glaucoma or a family history of eye disease to have an OCT scan.’

Help for eye conditions

The Stanley and Chester-le-Street stores, both located on Front Street, also provide Enhanced Optical Services for Minor Eye Conditions on behalf of the NHS.

This means Specsavers can treat eye casualties and patients can self-refer into this service without the need for a GP referral.

Symptoms such as watery eyes, dry eyes or red eyes, as well as Blepharitis, can be seen by an optometrist at Specsavers through the minor eye conditions scheme.

Missed appointment?

Due to the pandemic and several lockdowns, it’s likely some customers will be overdue an eye test. Specsavers is urging these customers to call or visit the website to book an appointment.

The optician remained opened throughout lockdown to treat patients with eye emergencies and stringent health and safety procedures are in place.

A limited number of people are allowed within the store ensuring social distancing is fully adhered to. Hygiene and personal protection measures are also in place to ensure all customers feel safe and comfortable during their visit. Specsavers colleagues use full personal protective equipment (PPE) and all testing equipment, hard surfaces and spectacle frames will be thoroughly sanitised after each use.

The Northern Echo:

Ross continues: ‘We are encouraging everyone who may have missed an appointment during lockdown or feels like their vision has changed to get in touch.

‘We will be able to tell you over the phone if you need to come into store and if you do we have everything in place to ensure that you feel 100 per cent comfortable and safe during your visit.

‘Our teams are on hand to help with any queries you may have, whether that’s booking an eye test or OCT scan, choosing a new pair of sunglasses or asking questions about our audiology services.’

For more information, contact your nearest Durham store:
For Stanley, call 01207 262 728 or visit www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/stanley and for Chester-le-Street, call 0191 387 2930 or visit www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/chesterlestree

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