THE Great North Air Ambulance landed in a Darlington park yesterday evening (Thursday) - but it is not believed to have taken any patients away.

However, the North East Ambulance Service confirmed today that a land ambulance attended the park and took a woman to hospital who had become ill.

The ambulance service was called at 6.15pm to Salisbury Terrace - a double crewed ambulance was sent to the scene and an Air Ambulance was requested.

The helicopter landed near to a children's play area in part of The Denes, near Darlington's Greenbank Road, at around 7pm.

The woman was transported to Darlington Memorial Hospital. 

A man walking his dog in the park said: "I could see the air ambulance was trying to find somewhere to land as I was walking my dog in the park.

"It was circling overhead for a while and got very low, and I could hear sirens from other emergency service vehicles nearby.

"After it landed, it took off very shortly after so it didn't seem to have taken anyone away."