AFTER plans were revealed to close a vital entranceway to a shopping centre many are still up in arms about it.

In a planning application it was revealed that the Job Centre was to move into the Newgate Centre in Bishop Auckland.

To do this it would take up three retail units, closing one of the vital entrances to Fore Bondgate shopping area in the process.

The closure plans have led to two petitions being created by traders and town councillors. 
The plans have sparked a discussion about the shopping centre among residents.

Here’s what Northern Echo readers had to say.

One reader going by the name of ‘Good ones’ said: “Bishop Auckland is like the lost city. I think these shops should have some massive insensitive like cutting the rents etc to get things moving again. Then they will not need so much space for the Job Centre.”

Another reader commented: “This development is ridiculous.
“People walk through the Newgate Centre then into Fore Bongate. To suggest the Job Centre would bring tourists etc to that area is ludicrous, in fact, I would stay as far away as possible, and I'm not the only one.”

Mind Your Manners said: “Bulldoze the entire thing, build a job centre and have loads of open space. Would look lovely. Who needs a pay-to-use multi-storey when there's nothing worth visiting for.”

One user pointed out that people want change from their newly elected politicians and this would be a good challenge for them.

The user going by the name of ‘Grim Up North....’ said: “There some elections last week, isn't this a good test to see if the newly elected local councillor and MP have any say in the way things are run in the tumbleweed town?

“When will those in power start listening to what the general public and local businesses want instead of the big corporations? I guess lessons still haven't been learnt from last weeks vote of no confidence in the current leadership arrangements or style.”

Some uses pointed out the vacant Argos store however plans could be in place to turn it into a small three screened cinema.