CENTURIES ago, when people from the UK moved over the pond to settle in the young United States, they took inspiration from their home when naming new locations.

There are today countless places across the world that share a name - including North-East towns and cities. 

New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire are well known, but did you know that there are 16 places named Darlington in America? Globally, 23 places called Darlington.

This includes Darlington in the North-East, and in Devon. 

There are also two places in Australia called Darlington, and one in Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Durham can be found across seven countries throughout the world in 29 places.

There are 22 places named Durham in America, two in Canada and one in Jamaica, Germany, Barbados, Argentina and, of course, the UK. 

Here are all of the places across the world named Durham and Darlington:


Darlington - Wisconsin

Darlington - Washington

Darlington - South Carolina

Darlington - Rhode Island

Darlington - Pennsylvania

Darlington - Ohio

Darlington - North Carolina

Darlington - New Jersey

Darlington - Missouri

Darlington - Maryland

Darlington - Louisiana

Darlington - Indiana

Darlington - Idaho

Darlington - Florida

Darlington - California

Darlington - Alabama

Durham - Wyoming

Durham - Wisconsin

Durham - Washington

Durham - Texas

Durham - Pennsylvania

Durham - Oregon

Durham - Oklahoma

Durham - North Carolina

Durham - New York

Durham - New Hampshire

Durham - Montana

Durham - Missouri

Durham - Mississippi

Durham - Kansas

Durham - Iowa

Durham - Indiana

Durham - Illinois

Durham - Georgia

Durham - Connecticut

Durham - Colorado

Durham - California

Durham - Arkansas


Darlington - Western Australia

Darlington - Victoria

Darlington - Tasmania

Darlington - South Australia


Durham - Ontario

Durham - New Brunswick

United Kingdom

Darlington - Devon

Darlington - Darlington

Durham - Durham


Darlington - Saint Ann

Durham - Portland


Durham - Bayern


Durham - Saint Lucy


Durham - Santa Fe