NUISANCE off-road bikers were targeted in a day of action by multiple police teams and Middlesbrough Council.

On Sunday May 9, officers across Middlesbrough took part in Operation Endurance, targeting the users of off-road bikes that illegally ride on public land and roads.

Wards that were policed were Brambles Farm, Thorntree, Park End, Beckfield, Ladgate, Beechwood, Hemlington and Coulby Newham.

On patrol, several vehicles were stopped and two were removed from the roads.

The two people responsible for riding the seized bikes have been reported for riding on the roads without insurance.

The operation involved council officials, officers from Coulby Newham and Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Policing Teams and Cleveland Police's off-road bike unit from Wynyard.

Anyone with information about rogue bikers or other community crime is asked to report it to the police on the non-emergency number 101 or 0800 555 111.