THE "trusted lieutenant" of a gang leader made more than £250,000 in the drug trade, York Crown Court heard.

Lee Robert Waring, 41, is currently serving a prison sentence of six years and eight months after admitting conspiracy to supply cocaine.

At the sentencing hearing a year ago, York Crown Court heard how he was a major member of a drug gang that ran a cocaine pipeline into the Selby and Goole area where they sold the drug through a network of dealers.

Both the prosecution and the Recorder of York, Judge Sean Morris, described Waring, of Cottingley Fold, Beeston, as the "trusted lieutenant" of drug gang leader Matthew Evans, 40, of Doncaster Road, Selby.

At an adjourned confiscation hearing, York Crown Court heard that Waring had benefited by £254,852 by his crimes.

He had assets worth £10,333.

Barrister Nick Worsley, on his behalf, said he did not oppose the making of a confiscation order.

Judge Simon Hickey ordered that Waring hand over £10,333 within three months.

If he doesn't, he will face a six-month prison sentence.

The order was made under legislation designed to prevent drug dealers and other criminals benefitting from their crimes.

Earlier this year, York Crown Court heard that Waring is likely to made subject to a serious crime prevention order restricting his actions after he leaves prison.

Gang leader Matthew Evans, was made subject to a similar order in February.

In March 2020, York Crown Court heard how police caught gang members with tens of thousands of pounds worth of cocaine.

The network ran for months in 2016 and 2017 before police closed it down.