ONE of the North East’s leading personalities has carried out an investigation into ghostly goings on at an iconic Freemasons building in Newcastle.

Night Owls presenter Alan Robson who has a host of talents including author, TV presenter, radio phone in host and paranormal investigator conducted the night-time vigil at the Maple Terrace Masonic Hall.

Built on four floors and dating back to 1870, the hall contains period furniture and a huge stained-glass window containing Masonic symbolism.

Mr Robson said: “This is a fantastic old building which has had many thousands of people walking up and down its stairs over the last 150 years or so.

“The investigation isn’t just about those people however as we also must look at what was on the land here before the hall was built. Newcastle has a rich tapestry of history and this area was not only the scene of battles between the Scots and the English, but it was also heavily affected and decimated by German incendiary bombs during World War Two. Indeed, on this street very few buildings survived leaving just the church and this hall.”

The radio presenter and his team presented the live ghost hunt on Facebook which was viewed by fans all over the world. Viewers were amazed to see a large candle stick appear in a corridor when no one was anywhere near, swinging chandeliers and strange footsteps as well as unexplained sounds, which were heard in various parts of the building.

Mr Robson added: “My team and I are very grateful to Northumberland Freemasons for allowing us access to this fantastic and historic building. The whole point of investigations like this is the ‘what if’ factor – what if something happens, what if we see something and undoubtedly if we on site don’t see something our viewers sitting safely at home may do.”

The show can be seen at: