AN arrest warrant has been issued for the daughter of ex-Darlington FC chairman George Reynolds, after she was found guilty of stalking his friend.

Between November 1, 2019 and June 16, 2020, Alexandra Reynolds stalked a friend of the flamboyant businessman, who died last month.

Reynolds, who was in his 80s, last appeared in the news in March when he was given a 12-month conditional discharge for breaching a restraining order.

He had many brushes with the law over the years but also rose from humble roots in Sunderland to own a multi-million chipboard business in Shildon.

The court heard that his daughter, made verbal threats warning the friend to stay away from her father.

She also sent malicious texts threatening violence and attempted to block the woman in the carpark at Monument Court Durham.

Miss Reynolds, 37, also followed the woman to Sunderland on two occasions causing alarm and distress.

Her actions hugely impacted the victim whilst going about her usual day-to-day activities.

Miss Reynolds, of Monument Court, Nevilles Cross, failed to appear at magistrates' court on Tuesday but the charge was proved in her absence.

An arrest warrant has now been issued to allow her to be sentenced.