Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs (ITV, 8pm)

REHOMING an unwanted pet isn’t easy at the best of times, but if the animal in question also has a medical problem, it can be almost impossible. So spare a thought for the staff at Battersea when, in the final programme of the series, they try to find someone willing to take on a golden retriever who appears to be incontinent. Paul lends a hand in the hydrotherapy centre when a boisterous border collie with a hip issue calls in for treatment; he also meets a tiny pregnant mongrel and offers some much-needed company to an elderly Patterdale terrier.

Location, Location, Location (Channel 4, 8pm)

Kirstie and Phil are combing north London to find the best possible houses for two very different families. Kirstie’s with single mum and businesswoman Digi, who has £1.25million to find the perfect place for her, daughter Emily, and mum Queelan. With Digi’s need for future-proofing due to a degenerative spinal disc disease, it proves a challenging search. Meanwhile, Phil helps Rebecca and Sohail, who have raised their family in rented accommodation and are keen to find a place of their own. Phil soon realises that the challenge is finding a place they’ll love when their rental is worth at least £200,000 more than their budget to buy.

The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship (BBC2, 9pm)

Britney Spears was one of the biggest stars of the 2000s, a hit-making machine constantly in the headlines – due to both her career and her private life. She was barely out of her teens back then, a period re-examined in the US documentary Framing Britney Spears earlier this year. Award-winning journalist Mobeen Azhar covers similar ground in this programme while investigating the singer’s controversial conservator arrangement, which means she hasn’t controlled many of the decisions concerning her finances or career since 2008. He begins by journeying to her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, before also visiting Los Angeles. Along the way Azhar meets some of Spears’ most dedicated fans, including those fighting to have the order removed, and learns more about the person behind the headlines.

The Great British Sewing Bee (BBC1, 9pm)

Frida Kahlo is perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable figures in the history of art. She’s also maybe more revered now than ever before, so it should be interesting to see how the amateur sewing experts use her as the inspiration for tonight’s final challenge. But before that, they have to impress judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young by making a French breton top with perfectly matched stripes and a flat neckline and turn sarongs into a completely different garment. Joe Lycett presents.

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping (C4, 10pm)

Johnny Vegas has kept himself busy during lockdown. He took part in Channel 4’s first series of Taskmaster and, after being inspired to return to his first love of pottery, more recently appeared on Grayson’s Art Club. Now he’s launching a new show of his own, a four-parter in which he dives headlong into the world of glamping. Once upon a time the word meant a posh camping trip, with luxurious tents available to participants. These days it’s developed into something even fancier, with a growing number of enthusiasts turning old vehicles into incredible places to stay. Now Vegas is jumping on the bandwagon, and he’s persuaded his long-suffering assistant Bev to come along for the ride. He’s about to renovate a vintage bus from Malta, one of five vehicles for a proposed site in Yorkshire.

Unsolved: An Alibi for Omar? (BBC1, regions vary)

In 2018, journalist Bronagh Munro investigated the case of Omar Benguit, a heroin addict convicted of stabbing to death 26-year-old Korean student Jong Ok Shin as she walked home in the early hours of July 12, 2002, following a night out with friends in Bournemouth. Benguit and his family have always maintained he is innocent, with no forensics connecting him to the crime, serious doubts about his conviction have been raised. Munro revisits Benguit’s plight after uncovering new evidence.