CAMPAIGNERS against the development of part of Darlington have been filming for a documentary about an area of woodland.

A group of 30 people walked in Skerningham woodland, where they filmed some footage for a project they are putting together to show during the inspection of Darlington's Local Plan, which is due to start in May.

Campaigners against a scheme to develop the land were joined by representatives of Darlington Friends of the Earth and Skerningham Woodland Action Group.

Kendra Ullyart, of Darlington Friends of the Earth, said: "This event was carefully controlled to keep everyone safe, whilst also working to ensure that the message to protect the woodland continues.

"It was a trial run of the much larger celebration protest planned for later in the year when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

"Everyone will be welcome to this event and it will be advertised well beforehand on social media."

The project has been funded through an online fundraiser and a grant from Friends of the Earth.

The group says it wants to show the "true value" of the woodland and protect it from development.