CAREGIVERS have raised money and awareness for Parkinsons at their local care home.

Carers at Helping Hands’ Sunderland branch baked and sold a variety of cakes and treats for not just their customers, but the whole community.

Their efforts mark not only Parkinson's Awareness, but also celebrates the recently-announced partnership of Helping Hands and Parkinson’s Care and Support UK.

The two organisations have joined forces to help raise awareness of the disease, but also to support those who either live with Parkinson’s, have recently faced diagnosis, or are caring for a loved one.

Sunderland branch manager Michelle Webster said: "We really felt passionate about fundraising to help raise awareness for people living with Parkinson’s, as it is one of many conditions close to our hearts. Ten carers baked cakes and they were distributed for sale amongst family and friends."

Speaking of the partnership, Kovi Noukounou, Director of Services at Parkinson’s Care And Support, said: “We are passionate about ensuring that family carers get the right mental, physical and practical support they need. Caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s, especially when they are in the advanced stage is a difficult and emotional task, even for the strongest of people."