TRIUMPH Motorcycles has continued training its staff worldwide throughout the pandemic, thanks to an innovative programme delivered by North Yorkshire-based MotorVise Automotive.

Faced with severe restrictions surrounding traditional in-person training events, the motor trade consultancy invested in creating two hi-tech broadcast studios at its headquarters near Richmond – allowing it to deliver virtual training sessions to Triumph dealerships across different time zones.

Michael Moses, dealer development and digital marketing coordinator for Triumph UK, said that the lockdowns and rules surrounding social distancing had threatened to derail its training programme.

He said: “MotorVise has delivered excellent results in difficult circumstances by quickly switching to a virtual service.

“Here in the UK, staff on furlough could take part in training, which allowed our dealerships to refresh and update important skills – so staff were ready to contribute to generating sales and improving customer service standards.

“This approach delivered a record 240 percent increase in engagement with our dealerships over the 2020/21 winter period compared with the previous year.

“In the post-Covid world, we certainly plan to continue a blended approach to training incorporating both the physical and virtual.” MotorVise Automotive initially started delivering sales training to Triumph Motorcycles UK in 2015 and, due to its success, it was approached by its global team and was asked to create and deliver a worldwide training syllabus.

This culminated in a team flying to the US in 2019 to deliver its training at a Triumph event held in the Arizona desert for dealers from across the continent.

Michael added: “During 2020 MotorVise has worked hard to organise and deliver the training that allows Triumph to generate sales and provide the highest standards of customer service. As a result, this company has emerged from the pandemic stronger and more resilient.”Fraser Brown, managing director of MotorVise Automotive, said: “As with many businesses in the motor trade, we have faced challenging times. However, we had the confidence to invest in creating two broadcast studios which has paid dividends, allowing us to continue Triumph’s global training requirements.

“Initially, we were focused on providing an alternative to face-to-face meetings, but the virtual service has really taken off and created new opportunities for the business.”