A CALLOUS councillor who claimed he was trying to get justice for a stalking victim has been jailed after police found he was the one responsible for tormenting her.

Dipu Ahad, 41, claimed he was trying to support the 32-year-old woman after she reported being harassed with online messages and fake social media profiles being set up in her name.

Ahad, who is a former elected councillor in the west end of Newcastle, contacted Northumbria Police to demand that they investigate the harassment.

But when detectives reviewed the IP address for the electronic device that had sent some of the messages, they found the device belonged to Ahad.

Enquiries also linked him to a string of bogus phone calls made to the victim at both her home and at work.

A court was also told how police found that Ahad had bought spray paint just days before the same paint was used to vandalise the victim’s car.

Ahad was arrested and questioned about the offences but initially denied being responsible for abusing his position of trust and instead portrayed himself as the victim’s saviour.

But when he appeared at Newcastle Crown Court in February he pleaded guilty to stalking causing serious harm or distress, claiming he had sent the messages to try to get more support for the victim.

Ahad, of Ilfracombe Avenue, Newcastle, was back before the same court today where he was handed a 14-month custodial sentence by a judge.

Detective Sergeant Mark Atherton, the investigating officer at Northumbria Police, has praised the bravery shown by the victim throughout the criminal proceedings.

He said: “First and foremost, we want to recognise the incredible bravery of the victim in this case who has had to endure a campaign of stalking against her.

“She reported the offences to us before she knew who was responsible and thought Dipu Ahad had her best interests at heart.

“The reality is that Ahad was the one tormenting her and when his offending was uncovered by my team, he claimed he was simply trying to help the victim”

“His actions were prolonged and sinister. He has abused his position of trust and has repeatedly denied being the person responsible until moments before his trial was due to commence.                                            

“Despite his guilty plea Ahad has still attempted to discredit the victim but the evidence against him was irrefutable and he will now face the consequences of his actions.

“Northumbria Police are absolutely committed to supporting victims and ensuring they see justice.

“Anyone who is victim to stalking or harassment is encouraged to call us so we can make sure you receive the support you need, and we can look to put offenders before the court.”

Ahad was also handed an indefinite restraining order in relation to the victim in the case during the hearing at Newcastle Crown Court.