PEOPLE who harm animals can now get up to five years behind bars after a law was passed. 

Anna Turley, the former MP for Redcar introduced the private member's bill after a bulldog named Baby was brutally attacked by two brothers.

The dog was stamped on and thrown down the stairs.

Andrew and Daniel Frankish walked free from court on a suspended sentence.

A memory card was found in a supermarket which had a video footage that they took showing them repeatedly throwing Baby down the stairs, stamping on her head, swinging her around and head-butting her.

Ms Turley queued from 2am until a Parliamentary office opened at 10am to table the bill.

She said: "I'm so pleased, I'm pleased for all the campaigners, I'm pleased for all the local people that signed all the petitions and all the MPs who have made it happen.

"It is justice for Baby, it was an awful thing to happen to this poor dog, who was supposed to be loved and cared for by her owners. Nobody would have ever known that she suffered this cruelty and so it's nice to think that out of her death there's now been a change in the law.

"If people are thinking about committing horrible crimes like this, so I'm just really pleased that it's through. It's disappointing that I'm not there in Parliament to see it through but that's life - to get anything done you have to work across party and I'm just glad it's finally over the line, after all the hard work and campaigning.

"It's horrendous. I've still never watched the video, because I just don't want to watch a video of a dog being thrown down the stairs and stamped on, it's just horrendous.

"It's been a long process to get through and hopefully now this will put people off thinking about committing a crime like this and we've just got to make sure people know there's a real deterrent now. Anyone who commits a crime and abuses an animal and is cruel to an animal will face justice."

Originally the maximum sentence for anyone who abused animals was six months, which Ms Turley said 'judges hardly give them out.'